What a Time to Be Alive

16 thoughts on “What a Time to Be Alive”

  1. I don’t understand the joke…after all, The Left *tells us* this is perfectly “normal”…!

  2. Well, people from the 70’s aren’t the most suited to laugh at us, from the 60’s, 50’s, etc can easily (and rightfuly) make fun of current trends.

  3. The worst part is that in some countries (ie Great Britain and Australia), this type of thing is considered a valid disability, and these bozos are being PAID by those countries to do this.

  4. “The men who live as dogs”, also known as “husbands”.

  5. It is a valid disability. It’s called being mentally retarded.

  6. The men who sleep with bitches. Also known as “husbands”.

  7. The Guardian of course. Great paper, but their take on identity politics is a bit over the top, to put it mildly. It’s a bit funny when they write about (American) fads like furries (another article a couple weeks ago). But not as entertaining as when they go all out to hit Peak Guardian.
    Try not to laugh at this piece about racism and misogyny in Thomas the Tank Engine:
    or the one about racist meerkats:

  8. That is the cure for cancer! Or should I say just NO, WHY Please WHY!!!!

  9. Bring back the ’70s!

  10. See, this is jest one more egsample of why dogs is outside animals.

  11. Whereas the Right tells is that this dog/man *isn’t* normal…
    …unless he also works as an oil lobbyist, has private health care denied to the plebes, wants science classes replaced with Jesus, owns an AK-47 purchased without a background check, and knows who to call for a rent-boy in every GOP convention city.
    BOO-YAH! You’ve been out-politicaled BIGLY, Chester!

  12. I don’t know anything about weird UK stuff. But in the first pick I expect Frank Bullet and Harry Callahan to be flying over the hill to bust some heads.

  13. Meh, I think you’re in DEEP NEED of a political enema…

  14. Oh NOOOOOOO!!!
    Spare me the disco!!!

  15. The guardian newspaper used to be a shining light in British journalism…and really focused on important issues.
    Now its a cesspit of liberal remoaning Britain-hating coffee snobs.

  16. Just ignore him, Kauf. He still can’t sit down.

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