Not All People Are As Lucky As You



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  1. Most (though not all) of these seem just the result of common stupidity rather than luck.
    “Hey, should I put this drink in the cupholder?” “Naw, fool, that’s where I keep my hand sanitizer – just put it up on the curved surface of the center console.”
    “Where should I put this new flat screen?” “Uhh.. right above the fireplace where there’s not enough room on the ledge for the base, duh!”
    “Well, I waited FOREVER for the attendant at this self-serve station to put away the gas-pump and he never did – that’s their loss, ‘cuz *I’M* in a hurry!”

  2. vidalia poopnoodle April 25, 2017

    re #3: you can actually buy a key on amazon that will disable someone’s lock like that. just put it in and break it off. that is, if you happen to be a vandal…

  3. The Curious Rock April 25, 2017

    what are those things stuck on that guy?

    • Flossy McHookerpants April 25, 2017

      Snuggle muffins.

    • Cactus…Can’t remember the type of cactus though.

    • Not sure since it’s not known where it was taken but it looks like maybe a teddy bear cholla or another cholla. I’d love to hear the story on what got him into that mess and if tequila was involved.

  4. PatronusKitty7 April 25, 2017

    The sinking ship one looks photoshopped. As for the Coke can one, just use a can opener and pour it into a glass. Simple.

  5. A different CatMan April 27, 2017

    I thought the girl with the cake was taken from a food porn video.

  6. Even the 4th appearance of the paint car is still funny.

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