10 Reasons Why Twilight is Better than Harry Potter



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  1. I really hope this is a joke! If not this is person has less brains than a troll.

  2. George Weasley January 20, 2017

    Relax everyone, this is a joke, from my brother Fred

  3. Bellatrix Lestrange January 22, 2017


  4. Unstable Potato January 25, 2017

    They are both really really good. But in my opinion Twighlight is a little bit better. This is my opinion. I don’t care what you guys say

    • How can you think that twilight is better because you don’t find out about the plot until more than halfway through the movie in twilight

    • What has this world come to. :(

    • Who wrote this? I would like to know if this person is in the infirmary and/or the asylum

  5. Hermione granger January 26, 2017

    Rachel or Rowling?? Lmao…We’ll Steph did use bit of HP cuz HP came out before twilight and so Sirius …
    Filthy mudbloods…

  6. Eldred Worple January 27, 2017

    I’ve never know a vampire to sparkle…

  7. This is a joke. Right, Fred?

  8. Fred Weasley February 4, 2017

    This is a joke, isn’t it, Georgie? The person who wrote this is mad and needs to attend St. Mungo’s immediately. ( Grins wickedly) Let’s show them the way.

    • George Weasley February 4, 2017

      I’m way ahead of you. Nosebleed Nougat of Fainting Fancies?

  9. Harry Potter came before ttwilight, “r” is not a word, and this article is stupid.

    • Luna Lovegood February 19, 2017

      Finally, someone who understands life! FAITH IN HUMANITY RESTORED

  10. Dad? Is this a joke from Uncle Ron? I hope this is a joke.

    • Didn’t make this, Lily-flower. I thought it was your brother. I mean, James try too hard sometimes.

  11. Hermione Granger February 11, 2017

    Stop, stop, stop, you’re going to going to take some one’s eyes out, besides, its authOR, not authER!

    P.S. Surprised to see me here Harry? I’m still alive, and I can play the pretending to be dead thing just as well as you! Meet me at the Shrieking Shack on Friday at midnight, and come alone. I’m waiting Harry.

  13. James Potter February 14, 2017

    Hey Harry is this a joke from your friends Fred and George Weasley?

  14. Albus Potter February 14, 2017

    Dear The world’s stupidest troll
    Alright first of all you got a C for 3 reasons
    1. You write like Stephanie Meyer
    2. Your spelling and grammar are atrocious
    And 3. You’re abusing my father and my world
    Sincerely Albus Severus Potter

  15. Not even Voldemort would want you as a death eater half blood pure blood mudblood he won’t care he’d never let you join
    P.S. jingle bells twilight smells Edward ran away Bella died Jacob cried Harry Potter all the way
    From peeves the poltergeist

  16. Draco Malfoy February 14, 2017

    Wait till my father hears about this…..

  17. Know it all!! February 14, 2017

    how can anyone even try to compare twilight to harry potter.. Everything in harry potter connects and everything is there for a reason
    P.S.the picture is not even Rowling’s, that is Jenniffer Aniston

    • Ravenclaw-ing February 22, 2017

      It’s a joke! And putting Jennifer Aniston instead of J.K. Rowling was just meant as a joke because they look alike.

  18. Rose Granger Weasley February 14, 2017

    Mom, is this a joke from Uncle George or Uncle Fred.

    • Hermione Granger Weasley February 19, 2017

      Rose, didn’t I tell you not to talk about Fred around George? He’s still not over it. And watch your mouth around your grandparents too.
      I’m sure George made this as a joke.

  19. Luna lovegood February 17, 2017


  20. repeat after me riddikulus

  21. Griffinclaw March 1, 2017

    I love all of these comments

  22. Hermione Granger Weasley March 10, 2017

    What. An. Idiot.

  23. Sirius Black March 11, 2017

    1) its SIRIUS and 2) i can’t believe i’m doing this but, i have to be with my mother for this one. muggles really are pathetic.

  24. Fawkes the Phoenix March 11, 2017

    I seriously almost clawed my hair out reading this

  25. Sybil Trelawney March 23, 2017

    You know dear, the moment I looked at that Comic Sans font, I knew you did not have the mind for the noble art of Divination…..or even reading and learning in general….
    Oh dear child, I’m afraid you need help…..

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