Your Wireless Internet Signal Strength

10 thoughts on “Your Wireless Internet Signal Strength”

  1. It’s because you have an Xbox. Don’t buy Microsoft products.

  2. so true… made me lol

  3. throw your Xshmox and your stupid desk on the street, and move your bed to your neighbor’s house. get a life.

  4. What if the neighbor is unattractive?

  5. Seriously… This has no semblance of reality. Just because it might be funny that someone could in some bizarro world be experiencing this, doesn’t make this true in any way… nor does it make this funny in the least. Don’t defy the laws of physics for a crappy hypothetical joke.

  6. lighten up! Its just a joke. No one believes this to be true. We all are educated people here. We understand the physics of radio energy and its transmission. Geeze…

  7. Depending on the placement and construction of walls (and maybe furniture) this may be real to some extent. The place I live is made with steel wire mesh and concrete and acts it is like a Faraday cage. The wireless doesn’t work if the signal has to pass through three or more walls, but works perfectly 30 m from the house.

  8. @Informer – Its an exaggeration, a joke, remember how to laugh? Not ever searched for wireless signal strength from a house in the street and see how many pop up along with your router(some with better signal)? Oh wait you live in the sticks and still on dial up…

  9. Yeah, lighten up…. Informer. Don’t throw sandbag the lesser mortals.

  10. @ eyeflash – sound like you in a holding cell in jail. Got caught stealing Interwebz from neighbors, huh?

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