Two Different Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day



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    • wait, some countries in the world DON’T observe the stupid western hallmark holidays? Hard- hitting news from the BBC!

    • it doesnt say…. the ONLY two ways.. it is merely pointing out ‘two ways to celebrate” .. just saying

  1. While there is some history dating back for about 1,500 years for Valentine’s day in general, the way it is celebrated nowadays was largely promoted by the florist and candy industry, at least in some parts of Europe. It had hardly any to no significance at all until the 1990’s I’d guess. That’s globalisation for you. We even celebrate Halloween in Germany for quite a few years now. As if there aren’t enough other local festive periods.

  2. So surprised that non-Catholic cultures have any problems with celebrating Saint Valentine’s day.

  3. Ah; but which is best ?

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