The Wind Won’t Stop Messing With The Pope…



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  1. And here was me thinking that the Pope is unflappable?

  2. I think some of these are of a nazi impersonating the pope!

  3. Bubba and Joe Bob September 22, 2015

    Hey Yer Holiness, here’s a tip… double-sided tape will keep it al together. Ya get the white stuff for the cap and then match colors for the bib and such.

  4. More proof that Nature Abhors A Vacuum!

  5. Pope John Paul II knew firsthand the evils of communism. Pope Francis wants you to experience it for yourself.

    • ffeineandsugar September 28, 2015

      There is a difference between naked Communism and naked Capitalism. Both are doomed to failure for the human spirit in the long run, unless you LIKE where most people were in the 1870s. John Paul and Benedict both said as much (try reading B16 in Caritate in Veritas). Or you can just bloviate and keep on worshipping Mammon. How’s that going to work for you according to the Church in the next world, which is what it cares about???

  6. Maybe some force is telling him to just shut up…

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