What The Hell Did I Just See?!



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  1. Phosphoric Acid November 20, 2014

    I think that at least three of these photos can be explained by the influence of some ancient pagan god.

  2. 7 Days 'Til Odd Squad November 21, 2014

    Joking aside, that family in the bathtub are really good-looking. The picture is silly, but they all look like Hitler’s dream.

    • US TOR exit Node wonk April 10, 2016

      Most of the pics are re-hashes of the “Russian” life pics. This one appears to be one of those.

  3. donĀ“t mention the BLITZBATHTUB

  4. This is why I changed my major from Criminology to Veterinarian Medicine. I realized that no matter how many profiling classes I took, I would never be able to figure humans out. Animals I can understand, humans are one big fat WTF to me. Not to mention, I actually *like* animals…

  5. nyccc piccc…

  6. all sick as hell

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