Parents Sharing The Ridiculous Reasons Their Kids Are Crying



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  1. Doubt guy May 10, 2018

    Stop bullying liberals!!

    • Jack Schitt May 17, 2018

      What a deplorable Trumptard you must be, to try and make this all political.

  2. Some kids are just too small to understand. Others seem just stupid. No doubt American kids.

  3. McViticus May 10, 2018

    He didn’t like the result of a democratic referendum.

  4. Smartypants May 10, 2018

    Amazing how the internets make everything shit

  5. Simple solution for all of these: bedtime!

    • Ass whoopin*

    • Hillary say no such thing as someone elses kid May 11, 2018

      My old Granny would box my ears yellin “I’ll give you sumpin to cry about”. Can’t do that no more cause some lefty retard knows how to raise yer kids better’n you. That’s why them little brats run wild now a days.

  6. I bet the last kid wanted the raisins in a little box! Lol

  7. James Schitt May 17, 2018

    My granddaughter started putting her hand in my hot coffee at 4 months old, just to suck the coffee off and do it again. It did not seem to faze her that it was hot.

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