Every Time I See a Topknot…



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  1. Shimazu Yoshihisa February 25, 2017

    Only Japanese Samurai wear topknot. Shimazu has spoken.

    • Perhaps also on some of the Pacific islands as well…but, YES.
      “Man Buns,” as they are called in the US, are an embarassment.
      Good to know that such fools are self-identifying!

    • Word!

    • For once I agree with Kauf Buch (and then he/she colours it in with his/her crayons).

  2. Bubba and Joe Bob February 25, 2017

    Joe Bob here… Bubba had a topnot once, well it was more a bump. Told his wife (not blood related, she came from the flat lands), anyway he told her to make him a samwhich and be quick about it. When he got home from the hospital, he made his own samwhich.

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