A Cheap Way To Get Cheap Laughs: “For Rectal Use Only” Stickers


Did you know that for just a few dollars you can get thousands of “For Rectal Use Only” stickers on Amazon? Well, some people have found it out and are not afraid to take advantage of it…


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  1. BruceWillis June 20, 2017

    good idea

  2. No, Kauf Buch, No! … Too late.

  3. I thought they were going to be different stickers but instead it’s just some retard laughing at his own joke 20 times.

    • DIY Doctor Redneck June 20, 2017

      And I thought there was gonna be instruction on how to remove rhoids.

  4. Red Forman June 20, 2017

    My foot

  5. Salzigtal June 21, 2017

    Bonus points to “Spike’s Tactical Pirate Lower”

  6. SZEmbroidered.com June 21, 2017

    I’d love to give these as gits to my ex wife.

  7. some of these are pretty legit kinds of cryptoanalyzing tools, used for password recovery.

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