10 thoughts on “Funny Gallery of Cats Caught Mid-Sneeze”

  1. Cats do not tolerate being mad fun of. They will protest.

  2. Protest? Nah, they will kill you in your sleep.

  3. Gesundheit

  4. its a shame cats cant run for office

  5. Where’s the funny? Cats are disgusting little blood-suckers-on-society. At least a dog can be trained to be useful in society. HooRay for Dogs!

  6. And there were no survivors. Back to you Tom.

  7. That’s how you get rats and the plague.

  8. anyone knows what the camera-gps on the whiter cat is? I’d like to buy for my cat haha

  9. Hahaha. Excellent. Cats are just great. Dogs are like pictures of Minions. Everyone hates them except weirdos. And aunt Karen

    Cats > Animals in the Feline Family > Minions > Dogs > Pugs

    – CatMan

  10. Amazing.

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