Grim Russian Playgrounds



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  1. What in the hell is happening in Russia???

  2. I like this. A lot.

  3. Hell, the black rabbit is scary as shit.

  4. If I’m not mistaking on Pinocchio there is “everyone lies” and on the fence is “heavens corner”

  5. I liked the sad Putin in pink.

    • alll above pix are fro, ukraine thus that pink sculpture is Petro Porosenko, ukrainian president.

  6. Oh yes, the yellow pig smoking crack and the guy from the Saw are pretty cool, too.

  7. No wonder russia is a thread to the world.

  8. E.A. Presley August 30, 2014

    No wonder that current generation leaders in Russia are aggressive as they have issues to process from their childhood.

  9. Joseph Conrad August 30, 2014

    Each and every one of these delightful characters will no doubt take pride of place in my upcoming horror novel.
    The traumatised monkey of warning, the stone pooping ostrich, pervert wolf, rusty pipe hound, tyrelephant, joker seat, the Lovecraftian horror in the bushes, stoma faced psycho doctor, see them all at play.

  10. It was a mistake to browse this at night when I couldn’t sleep…can’t sleep- clowns will eat me!

  11. note to self, dont get murdered by russian playground “animals”

  12. Lazyruss Hun September 2, 2014

    That’s some true art right there, keep it up Russia and maybe you will upgrade your status from the dish washing employee of the world to waiter of the world…ok so I tried to make a joke

  13. My sleep is forever ruined.

  14. Nice childhood memories

  15. … this is your country on vodka.

  16. The Terrellian Dextrus-Op September 23, 2014

    Imagine some of these in Slenditubbies…

  17. Salvador Dali + David Firth + alcohol + fever dreams = Russia

  18. I’d rather suggest they found some plain stone made grounds and coloured it to create an atmosphere. Quite successfully. I remember nothing like that from my Russian childhood.

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