Rowan Atkinson As Everyone



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  1. gobsmacked scientist March 27, 2017

    it’s really sad that he didn’t play Voldemort. he has such an evil face that no special effects needed.

  2. Thats an impressive lack of range in a actor

  3. Actually looks way better than the real Bieber.

  4. I think the Mad Max was the best one…

  5. I’m missing his landmark role in Hot Shots:

  6. He looks borderline handsome as Jaime Lannister. I did not know he had the capacity to do so.

  7. This made my day!! Hahahahahahaha! I have just finished re-watching Blackadder.

  8. Thought the army picture was from a movie. But i guess i was wrong since i have searched and searched and not found it.

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