Redneck Dog



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  1. Billy Bong Thornton October 31, 2014

    Do a hippy liberal dog next. Make the dog pissing all over every other dogs belongings and beliefs. Have the dog confiscating random dog’s bones because some bad dog out there used his bone to trip a human. One where the dog is militaristically pushing it’s non-faith beliefs on other dogs. One where it calls another dog a racist in an attempt to win a argument and runs away with his tail between his legs. The best would be the dog biting a mailman and then blaming George Bush while the mailman’s leg is still clenched in his jaw.

    • Touched a nerve? You went nuclear… the could’ve went your route. There were nice above in describing your behavior.

    • Scamenstien October 31, 2014

      What they really should do is a dog that sees something on the internet that doesn’t appear to agree with them and reacts as if it’s the most important thing in their lives.

    • I think you’ve wandered into the wrong neighborhood. Everything you said is the absolute truth, but you’re in bat country now and there’s no common sense in bat country.

  2. Since the dog can’t keep its bones responsibly but continues to flaunt its bones in other dogs’ faces, the dog will lose its bone privileges. The gubment is merely made up of other dogs who are tied of getting boned.

  3. Fluffer Nutter November 1, 2014

    What with the peanut butter?

    • Most dogs freaking love peanut butter. Maybe it was there as a reward for the dog if he would sit still for the picture. That’s the most effective way to get a dog to do anything: the promise of treats. I secretly think they’re just furry stomachs with legs and a tail.

  4. I love this dog!! More redneck dog please…he’s my new favorite! I will never forget when my neighbor explained her spastic dog’s behavior was due to the fact it wasn’t used to dogs that were my dog’s “color” (black and brown)….I almost said “Dogs are colorblind” but I had a feeling it would’ve been a debate about mechanics of a dog’s vision rather than of becoming aware of her social retardation.

    • How was the dog spastic?, was it physically disabled?, also dogs are not colourblind as they see in dichromatic vision, retard.

  5. Those people you call rednecks would be the first to give you the shirt off their backs if you didn’t have one yourself. Most of them have values, standards, and morals that a raging liberal wouldn’t even begin to understand. Yes, there are racist, sexist, sensationalist redneck dumbasses out there, but there are just as many racist, sexist, sensationalist liberal dumbasses too. If you’re going to perpetuate one stereotype, it’s only fair you perpetuate another. Otherwise you’re just another biased loony liberal hypocrite. This is why there will never be equality in the world: we just cannot stop with all the stereotypes and generalizations, and it seems like most people are either too lazy or too stupid to even try.

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