Meet Potoo: The Funniest Looking Bird Ever


This silly looking creature is called Potoo: a nocturnal bird that resides in Central and South America. It’s a good thing it hunts in the dark because it looks unbelievably stupid and hilarious!


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  1. Bubba and Joe Bob June 3, 2016

    If Gonzo (of the Muppets) had an intercourse with an owl…

  2. The potoo consists of 7 species. Actually there is more than 1 species pictured above. There is great potoo, common potoo pictured above.
    The potoo belongs to an order of birds called caprimulgiformes, which consists of various families or groups, including the nightjars, frogmouth, oilbirds and others. Common for this order is they have a very big mouth. The great potoo is edible, and is found in the diet of some tribes in the amazone forest in Brazil.

  3. Cats > Pootoos

  4. Potoo – the sound your butt makes, when you burst poop two times in a row.

  5. ” I saw something I didn’t want see”

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