1939 In a Nutshell



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  1. German Machine Gun February 25, 2018

    They would have helped, but the polish stole their tanks before the war.

    • No, Polish people were stealing only BMW (German) tanks.

    • Radical Polish Nationalist February 28, 2018

      no.that is not what happened, poland had just exited 123 years of foreign occupation and oppression.

    • I always taught that the poles wants money from Germany for stealing their stuff

  2. Rattus-Sabbath February 25, 2018

    Europeans doing European stuff

    • The British aren’t Europeans anymore. After the Brexit they’ll be a new U.S. state. Or a Chinese colony. Maybe just a shithole. They wanted it that way.

    • I’m so butthurt Brits don’t want EU. Switzerland and Norway are doing quite bad.

    • And of course: according to my logic, there was no Europe before EU :D

    • Switzerland and Norway have special treaties the UK won’t get in a decade. They can’t even negociate their own Brexit. And I think Euro is talking about the political term “Europe”, not the geographical.

    • On second though, I realized one of the Rattus was talking about the Europe way before EU. And not only Brits, but the whole SCoE (Socialist Continent of Europe).

    • There are no posts by Rattus. And she seems way to smart for this faking loser. He doesn’t even notice it.

    • @z7z
      I’m still here and I don’t intend to leave at least not right away I’m just laying low until this horny creeper cools down

    • Rattus-swine February 27, 2018

      I like anything to do with Donald trump

    • Nope, still not me.

    • Yup that’s me

    • Oops forgot to erase my name and write rattus looks like the cats out of the bag

  3. gobsmacked scientist February 26, 2018

    Where was Gondor?

  4. Rattus-vagasil February 26, 2018

    If it were not Mr bean I probably would not have laughed the situation was real

    • You spelled Vagisil incorrectly. Those who know me know that I wouldn’t do that. Pffft, fecking MRAs.

  5. Power comes out of the barrel of a gun said Moa February 26, 2018

    national Socialists and Communists at it again. If they aren’t turning Europe into a s***hole they are starving their subjects as they do in NORKland or Bernezuala.

    Bad folk all around.

    • Fascist already in power in the US. Trump will be king soon. His son will follow him. All hail King Donald I. of America.

    • Trump is the worst fascist ever. He insists in following the law on everything he does.
      He’s oppressing everyone with Twitter posts and asking congress to pass laws. I won’t survive 7 more years of him :~(

    • Obama didn’t even bother to ask Congress. He just bypassed the Constitution by signing “Executive Orders”.

    • Executive orders per year:
      Obama: 34.6
      Trump: 54.2

      Sorry, what was that now?

    • How many executive orders just to undo obama’s EO?

  6. Memorable episode
    Better comment than all those argument above

  7. StillFunAtParties February 27, 2018

    Don’t skip school, know your history: World War Two officially began in September 1939 when Britain and France declared war on Germany following Germany’s invasion of Poland.

    As a side note, Churchill’s memories are very educating, blaming mostly UK foreign politic for not preventing WW2.

    • Maybe. but they let down their greatest ally. And they let them to become a country of Soviet world

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