These Hairstyles Are Currently Popular Among Mexican Urban Teens



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  1. Build a wall!

  2. Maybe it’s bullett proof.

  3. Just a small wall. Just to stop this guy.

    • How would they get over the wall with those pointy boots?

    • I don’t think he has enough money to pay for it though.

  4. These pics have been circling the net for YEARS, so it’s not a recent thing at all.

  5. Salzigtal May 28, 2016

    “These Hairstyles” = ≥ only 1

  6. Cats > “Popular” haircut(s)

  7. Where are the rest of the haircuts?

  8. No, they aren’t. This pictures is part of a Photo project with an specific suburban culture called “Cholombianos”. Also, it’s at least 5 years old.

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