Meanwhile in Russia…



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  1. Who’s the Russian bird with the bear? Nice.

  2. there is a russian invasion on eatliver!!!

  3. Ship made out of fish just made me cry from laughing. :’D It’s just too good to be real. :D

    • Beef twerky April 25, 2014

      Sailfish. Btw the flag is of Sakha, the area of the deepest extremest part of Siberia. A few weeks of scorching summer then back to extreme winter.

  4. Pretty sure that graveyard slide one’s from Britain…

  5. Evil raccoon arrested

  6. ….still first Nation in Space

    • And possibly the last (dusty remains), when they blow us all up by accident.

  7. Are you sure the last one isn’t British? Russian fat chicks are a little bit more modest with their clothing : >

  8. This isn’t just that Seen at WalMart website? You yanks are kinda scary-retarded too at times.

  9. The boat slayed me!

  10. imature thoughts April 25, 2014

    OMG… what did the coconut and carrot mean… i know what it meant…

  11. Atheist Freedom Fighter April 25, 2014

    Those orthodox priests always liked violence.

  12. Jeezz now i really want to visit russia

  13. Admiral confused April 26, 2014

    Yup, the slide is from Brit. From, err.. I forgot, but got Moore in it’s name. The grave site are sinking due to.. just forget about it. But kids don’t play there anymore after the grave got removed.

  14. Real Omsk City

  15. Russia looks like a place I’d never want to go… ever. Gross.

    • There are stupid and stupid-looking people everywhere. I have seen pics that are not flattering of the U.S., Mexico, Italy, Germany. So what? I have seen enough of Russia to know it is not all like this. The Russians may appear somewhat weird at first, but they have good sides to them. And they are very kind to foreigners, always ready and willing to help, show the way etc. And most have excelent sense of humor. Do go visit Russia, it will be experience worth getting. But not Moscow, it’s not typical Russia. I suggest Volgograd because that’s where I lived most of my time in Russia..

  16. I want to grow up to be that old lady doing ab crunches at the playground!

  17. I am a bear. Please tickle me.

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