The Problem With Political Jokes



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  1. I'ts America Bitches September 26, 2018

    My 401k is up, the collectivists are raging, not only here about around the world. It’s a good day in America.

  2. He is not a joke, he is a disaster.

    • Yes and obummer was a ******* genius

    • How many people left the WH calling obummer a moron?
      Was every second statement by obummer a lie?
      Did obummer annoy everybody he wanted to make a deal with?

  3. This is really old meme. Boo-hoo, he is a president now. Cry here -> \_/ africa needs tears.
    Noone cares anyways. Another thing to whine about. Try to get a full time job and you will not give a poo about who is doing what. Go to work you peaces of dogpoo…

  4. He single handedly stopped Globalism, for now. Like Communism it will always be there trying to inslave the masses. He is the God King.

  5. anyone misses Obama or wanted Hillary in the WH..she couldnt even win a rigged election!
    Oh well, looks like Hillary and Michelle Obama may run in 2020, their campaign slogan is: Deep State 2: The Granny and the Tranny.

    • Someone gets it. I’m amazed at the people that talk about Trump from other countries. Take the hint! AMERICA first. Trump could careless about any body BUT American citizens. And we’re loving it because it’s about time!

    • @Anon Uhm, it seems you didn’t get it. The election was rigged in Trump’s favour by puppet master Putin. Of course you can’t win an election if the elected rigged it. Putin took some effort to destabilize the US and won. He is trying it in other democracies too. But his operation is beginning to crumble. It becomes obvious all those populist trolling, anonymous warmongering here & there and neo-nazi finances originate in the Kremlin. Agents are beginning to make mistakes, information is leaking and proof is coming into the light of day. It becomes clear what Putin did is the really first worldwide conspiracy in the history of mankind.
      @Robert The really sad thing is you people really believe that when the rest of the world knows America will suffer the most. We actually can live without you. But I guess once you realize this you will become sulky and begin nuking everyone who didn’t give a shit about you to express your childish defiance. The world doesn’t fear Trump. He is an embarrasment for you. We laugh at America and we pitty the American people. Protect your wife’s *****. Grabbers are in charge in the WH now.

    • God has abandoned you September 28, 2018

      Not long and their highest judge will be a rapist. ‘Merica under Trump is becoming an example par excellence for a shithole country.

    • America is doing just fine under Trump. It remains to be seen how the trade issue with China will work out but otherwise it’s doing ok.

    • Hey, Haha, or Stan or whatever you like to call yourself these days. You are living on your reserves. Once they are gone the Trump bubble will pop and a democrat will have to fix it for you. Only to be blamed for Trumps mess.

    • Blah, blah, blah September 30, 2018

      You sound just like the republicans during Obama’s turn in office. The sky is falling…..

      Except it didn’t. And the country moved on. And this is admin is far from a monumental disaster and the country will move on again.

    • Just smaller.

  6. I didn’t realize you were a ****, mate. I thought some of your stuff was funny. Bye.

  7. @Robert – only white Americans though.

  8. This joke was just as funny during the last administration.

  9. Americans, not the Government, the people are done paying for everything. The free ride is over. Build your own military’s. Live off what your own countries make. Fund your fair share of the UN. Stop expecting the US workers to support your Governments. That’s what America first means. Suck it up. And Hillary Clinton had over a billion dollars in her campaign war chest. She all the media, Hollywood, Facebook, Google Silicon Valley every single advantage and we, the American people said NO. Worry about your own countries you parasites.

    • Go home, Stan. You are drunk.

    • HopeIgetthrough September 28, 2018

      @Stan – In the UK we have always reall liked and admired America – We’ve always thought of you as our staunch allies. Our brothers, but now we think you are a very sad lot indeed. Trump is a ridiculous, incompetent nincompoop and the fact that he was elected to such a position of power is very disconcerting. As for other countries being parasites – that is propaganda and you should ignore it. Russia would love the rest of the world to start arguing. America gets much more from other countries than you realise. The reason NATO was formed was for MUTUAL protection and the US wanted a military foothold in a strategic area (Europe) to protect everyone (and itself) against Russian aggression. Read this article for enlightenment. There is more to politics and international relations than posturing and making up silly lies. Trump is a disgrace to the human race.

    • @Stan: Actually, the people voted YES (It was the electoral college that voted no).

  10. Resident of THIS planet September 28, 2018

    @HopeIgetthrough. Unfortunately, many Trump supporters won’t (or can’t) read. They will suck in all the crap spewed by Fox News and POTUS, no matter how bizarre or obviously untrue it is, then fire away at “Libtards” and “Fake News”. Perhaps try a few other sources for balance. Maybe even (shudder!) non-American sources.

    But it’s OK America; the rest of the world is laughing WITH you, not AT you. (:oP)

    Good article. I hope a few people enlighten themselves with it.

  11. We don’t care what you think of America. We are not the worlds police, we are not the worlds Bank. We are not responsible for you and your countries. You never criticize your own failures, only ours, which are many but your countries are no better. Trump is an ass, we get it, but hes putting Americans first. As you should with your own countries, while they last anyway.

    • And this is why the world looks upon Americans as uncultured, uncouth and uneducated. But at least it give us someone to laugh at

    • You always wanted to be the world police. You always bragged about your riches. You are responsible for every coup your agents supported. In your mind you never had failures and made clear you are better than others. Trump isn’t an ass, he’s a women harrasing pathologic narcissist. There is no America or ourselves first anymore. We are all connected. And if you isolate yourself, you’ll suffer the most. The planet is getting smaller. There is no room to make America great again. The past is history. We are all in the same boat. We all become great together or the boat will sink and we all drown.
      Is that last one another American threat? Submission or gunboats?

    • Every country is putting itself first, nothing new there. America has been acting as the world’s police whenever that appeared beneficial to America, and stood aside in many other conflicts. Trump’s trade war is in nobody’s interest, it will hurt America as much as it hurts other countries. And if you think other countries never criticize their faults, you are deeply mistaken.

  12. What does the UK do for the world? The EU in tostadas? What? I’ll wait.

    • The UK and EU countries were/are, to name but a few, in the UN military missions to Korea, Irak, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Malia, and are involved in development projects all over the third world fighting diseases, educating local people, building school and wells, teaching birth control (the US ended their participation for religious reasons), promoting breast feeding (which Trump stopped because it harms the US diary industry), providing food and shelter for refugees (Trump cut the intake for the entire US less than that of many European countries), etc

    • EU and UN missions are more focused on peace keeping than overthrowing one or more opposing powers like the Americans prefer it. Followed by flimsy deals with the empowered government and plundering of the affected country.
      The EU is also more focused on development assistance which stabilizes countries in the long term. It’s a running gag that the German partners for example have to rebuild the infrastructure – they do that a lot – after the Americans razed the place to the ground.
      It’s easy to understand UN & EU missions are more popular than the American way of war…

  13. And no, we are not all connected. The American people have no more control over our Government than you do your or North Koreans have over theirs.

  14. Well I know when the people shitting in your streets and raping your kids turn on you WE won’t be there for you. Your alone now and that should scare you. Because your cowards, always have been.

    • The irony is that this is poor fake news and European streets are safe as always. You Americans created those lies just to distract from your own really deadly streets. Why fear some terrorist when your neighbour is the greater thread? One does not wonder about a country with no working social system and no sense of community whatsoever. Where suffering is considered a achievements of freedom. The USA are just a hollow shell of marketing lies and religious bigotry.
      Even many African countries are safer than the United States. Which is a real fact.

    • Euro: Sorry to once again pop your rose colored bubble with real facts, but the US is not even in the top 20 of crime per country by capita. You will like this: 7 of the top 10 are in the utopia known as Europe. Oh, and looky, I use actual, real, verifiable facts instead of useless rhetoric.

    • Have a look at, where only one EU country has a higher crime index than the US.

    • Ten safest countries, eight in Europe (including nationmaster’s toppers) and two in Asia:

    • *lol*BigR Did you read the head paragraph of your source? Did you understand it? Also, hate speech against refugees with numbers from 2002(!). Seriously? 2002!

  15. Well I know when the people shitting in your streets and raping your kids turn on you WE won’t be there for you. Your alone now and that should scare you. Because your cowards, always have been.

  16. That meme used to be funny, but President Trump changed that. Unlike all other presidents since Reagan he has been doing an amazing lot of good for America and Americans: more poeple are in work, more jobs are around, fewer people on welfare, the economy is better, etc. etc. Trump is relatively quickly removing the disasters Obama made.

    • Trump inherited a well running economy from Obama. Instead of using the opportunity to decrease the huge national deficit, he is increasing it and risking an overheated economy. Starting trade wars is not good for the economy either. He could (and should) have known if he had some economic advisors and people from industry to explain how economy works, but the self-appointed genius knows better than that.

    • It will be as always. A democrat president will inherit Trumps desastrous mess and the Repblicans will blame the Democrats for it.
      The two party dictatorship of the US should make it easy for Americans to see through all this. Yet it seems they lack the mental capacity to do so.

  17. If you think Donnie Diaperbag is doing a good job, you are one of the people who can be fooled all of the time. The man is objectively screwing up everything he touches, just like he did in private life. If it weren’t for Daddy’s billions, he’d have spent his life as a mediocre used car salesman and would currently be misspending his Social Security to the point of needing to eat canned dog food for half the month.

    • It’s said he’s planning to sell Alaska back to the Ruskis. With a discount. Putin must have something very compromising about him.

    • Selling Alaska back to Russia? Hahaha.

      My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with a girl who saw Ferris pass-out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious.

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