Teens: Then vs. Now


Teens: then vs. now.


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  1. The Good German March 4, 2019

    Right. Because killing each other is so much better. And manly. Oh, the manliness of killing each other for shit. Don’t we all miss that?

    • The spoor-ific leaving of a Troglodyte. Well said G.G.

    • Are you kidding me? March 4, 2019

      Not really. But a little less entitlement and false indignation would be also terrific, though.

  2. Starshemah March 4, 2019

    Totally different circumstances.

    • Are you kidding me? March 4, 2019

      I concur. Not for better, not for worse: just different. And everyone ( millennials and non-millennials alike) should be aware of that before they begin judging other people.

  3. The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut March 4, 2019

    Yes they did this in 1944. But you didn’t. So everybody feeling heroic when insulting millennial – you most likely never even severed in the Armed Force. I did.

    • A friend’s son serves on a US sub. He’s been there 3 years and ready to finish his tour. I wonder if the Navy will offer him a better base and a job on a boomer if he re-ups.

  4. The Good German March 4, 2019

    This glorification of war is always irritating. They had to do it. Todays majority of teens does not. And I’m glad they don’t have to. We all should be glad. Lets hope some day no 18-year-old has to aim at another person in attack or defense.

  5. asdasdasdasd March 6, 2019

    And how will we defend the earth with those girly tears, when Mars attacks ?

  6. It’s just a consequence of falling testosterone levels in men for decades. Soon they will have boobs.

    • From a biological standpoint every man is a failed woman. What do you think your nipples came from? We lack a quarter of a chromosome.
      Todays bad testosterone level may come from too many poisonous substances in the food and environment. Stuff, the 1944 gunslingers put there.
      It’s also possible the lack of testosterone is caused by less body hair on women. No real women to see = no reason for the male body to produce hormones.

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