Newspaper Makes an Unfortunate Typo On Julia Roberts Headline, Twitter Loves It

Never dictate the headline over the phone – that’s basically a common knowledge. The Post-Journal a local newspaper in Jamestown, upstate New York, learned it the hard way when they published an article titled “Julia Roberts Finds Life And Her HOLES Get Better With Age”, however the word HOLES actually should have been ROLES. As you can see below, Twitter users loved it.

Newspaper title fail.

Headline correction.

Can't believe this headline in our local paper... Julia Roberts will be glad to know her holes are getting better with age :D

Copy editors are very important. Just ask Julia Roberts.

She's clearly got a talented gynecologist.

Either it's a typo or Julia Roberts was in a real sharing mood.

Great, she's finally ready to work with von Trier.

SOME people just can't help but brag...

Now that's some investigative journalism right there!

Never dictate the headline over the phone.

This is why she's a movie star. My holes have only gotten worse with age.

May all our holes get better with age!!!

Congrats you are now qualified to run for President.

Didn't realize she played golf.

Oh really?

You go girl!

I hope someone says that about me someday...

Her kegel exercises are no joke.

I mean, I don't doubt this is true, but TMI.

As a woman who just celebrated a birthday, Julia Roberts is giving me hope for the future.

4 thoughts on “Newspaper Makes an Unfortunate Typo On Julia Roberts Headline, Twitter Loves It”

  1. Earlier there were several comments that have been removed, in part, for content that might have been too sexual for local community standards. Some of them were poor taste, others were almost funny. Three cheers for discerning minds applying censoring to otherwise open and unabridged content we enjoy across the world.

  2. Egad retracts all earlier comment. It seems that the rest of the comments showed up while Egad was unduly chastising censors for supposedly heavy-handed use of an electronic eraser. Sorry. Nothing to read here, move along.

  3. …he was slurring his words so badly that what was supposed to be “in the Garden of Eden” was interpreted by Bushy as “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”

  4. Best Freudian slip ever.

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