Disturbingly Hilarious Pictures Of Bearded Men Looking Straight Up



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  1. What has been seen

  2. This is sexist. A set of pics where women are not able to be part of.
    I hate Trump.

    • Feta Cheese April 20, 2018

      Not at all. I know plenty of Greek women that can participate.

    • Now it’s racist too. It’s excluding specifically women of color.

    • Fake|Hunter April 20, 2018

      Wow, those posts are so fake.

    • Why you’re calling me fake? Are you insinuating I’m trans? So now we have transphobia here too?

    • Are you for real? If not, I like your sense of humour.

    • Of course I’m real. Haven’t you been to a college campus lately? It’s full of me.

    • Hahahaha!

  3. Last pic… I wouldn’t know as I’ve never had that perspective of another man’s… you know…

  4. Goober the Not So Funny These Days April 21, 2018

    More damn Hipsters

  5. Ya couldn’t get a pic of Billy Gibbons? Y’all cheap.

    • #4 looks like it could be Dusty Hill, though.B-)

  6. Final picture is actually a botched circumcision. They just want you to think it’s something else.

  7. MelissaJean April 21, 2018

    I feel kind of dirty and I’m not sure why]

  8. Why short women are attracted to tall men.

  9. The flappy eared dudes look like Orc rejects from a Lord of the Rings casting call.

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