Cynical Dark Humor Cartoons by Waylon Bacon

The gallery of comics featured below is a creation by cartoonist and filmmaker Waylon Bacon. He calls this series is Frownland: a single panel webcomic that humorously dissects human behaviour with cynical abandon.

18 thoughts on “Cynical Dark Humor Cartoons by Waylon Bacon”

  1. Pretty hackneyed. Where’s the one about kids these days always on their phones?

  2. A creationist filmmaker? I suppose god just gave a camera from the heavens, it was not created by technological achievement.

  3. A beautiful example of an American attempt at sarcasm ending in utter failure.

  4. RE: 80th birthday and taking all those hard drugs… I got 4 years before I’m eligible. Whoo-Hoo!

  5. I don’t get any of these. They don’t make sense.

  6. He seems to be confused as to the meanings of the words “humorously” and “comic”.

  7. The cat one was funny. Reminds me of an X files episode where Peter Boyle’s character dies in his flat and his little drop kick dog has nothing to eat.

  8. really not that funny at all

  9. I really don’t get how any of this is funny

  10. This is a really horrible attempt at humour

  11. I’m still looking for the funny comics

  12. if only ONE of these was funny.

  13. Creationist filmmaker?

  14. These are such beta problems.
    I easily handle uncomfortable situations. I can end conversations in any way suitable for the moment. I can enjoy an advice or turn it down.
    These comics cover some unmanly aspects of life that are completely alien for me.

  15. Yep, these comics aren’t funny. Not as good as Monty Python or Benny Hill by a long shot. Guess all Americans suck. This proves it. Good eye, Englishman. Beautiful example indeed! Some cartoonist nobody has heard of. I’m sure no Brits are guilty of lame humour. Couldn’t happen.

  16. Some of them are darkly funny.

  17. The last one is spot on.

  18. Darker Far Side shit. Love the 80 year old.

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