Republicans on Climate Change



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  1. Republican't November 28, 2015

    I do believe in climate change: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall!

  2. Pretty lame attempt at humor.

  3. Cheesus Crust November 28, 2015

    Oh, come on! Any thinking human being should reject the political quasi science spewed out by the IPCC.

    • “Oh, come on! Any thinking human being should reject the political quasi science spewed out by the IPCC”
      …and listen to the hard facts put out by oil industry think tanks, Glenn Beck, and creationist whackjobs. **** those scientists. What do they know?

  4. Remember a couple of years ago the ship that went to the Antarctic to see the disappearing ice and then got stuck in the ice? lololol

  5. How about “If the polar ice caps are melting on earth due to global warming, why are the polar ice caps melting on Mars too?”.

  6. Global cooling in the 70’s global warming soon after now it climate change.

    • They can’t explain what’s going on, they just want you living in fear of an imaginary impending catastrophe, so you’ll make the changes they want you to make. What do they want from you? They want you to give them additional political power to “solve the problem”, while you enrich their friends who make snake oil “green” products and give them campaign contributions.

  7. Lazier Than Thou November 29, 2015

    I found this to be funny(though inaccurate).

  8. Republicans actually say that there may or may not be Global Warming, but there is absolutely no proof that this is caused by humans. Mars has Global Warming so global warming is a “planet-thing”.

    • Scientists on the other hand look at climate data recorded over the last few hundred years and see a general trend for the average Earth temperature to be rising at an accelerating rate and an increased number of storms, that are also becoming more powerful. Paleometeorologists seem to confirm that the last few decades have seen a relatively sharp rise in average Earth temperatures.
      Now the scientific community consensus is that there *IS* human influenced climate change. The debate is only on how much. Regardless, this is not an issue to ignore. The largest impact is on agriculture, you know we need food. So if a local climate changes to become more arid, well agriculture has to move or change. Pumping more CO2 into the atmosphere certainly can’t help, as it’s a proven greenhouse gas. Plus getting rid of it is going to be a pain, since the conditions that trapped it as coal/oil in the first place can’t exist now (for a long time lignin in wood couldn’t be broken down because termites/appropriate fungi didn’t exist).
      Civilizations have ended before because of climate changes.

    • No LogiC at all November 30, 2015

      Plants use CO2 for photosynthesis. It’s plant food. Commercial greenhouses pump in extra CO2. Water vapor is the real greenhouse gas anyway, but the politicians can’t convince people that clouds should be banned and water is a poison that should be taxed.

    • To LogiC: It is just a shame they can’t prove that the temperature on Earth (unlike Mars) has risen without doctoring the data. But yes, we are between two ice ages so depending on where we are on the curve, the Earth has either to warm, to become colder or to stay constant for a little while.
      CO2 is about 400 parts per million of the atmosphere so I wouldn’t worry about that – as long as there is enough for the plants.
      In any case, I would like the temperature to be a couple of degrees warmer.

  9. Mr. Not-Fun-At-Parties November 29, 2015

    How about this: clean air and clean water are good things in and of themselves. Maybe we’re making it warmer maybe we’re not, but our actions as a species is certainly provisioning the planet.

  10. “If you tell a big lie often enough, eventually it will become the truth.” Joseph Goebbels
    “Gain the youth and you own the future.” Adolf Hitler
    “The more I hear people cry ‘freedom’, the louder I hear their chains rattling.” George Orwell
    “Those who do not know their history are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana

  11. Climate Change: 4,500,000,000 years of weather. The last 100 years of it recorded by mankind. Yea, seems legit

  12. ScienceBrat July 9, 2016

    Too bad Sanders and his rabid followers stop believing scientists when it comes to GMOs…

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