Awkward Menswear Collections by Walter Van Beirendonck


Hey, guys! Are you tired of your lady getting all the attention with her fancy outfit during your afternoon walks around the town? Have no fear – designer Walter Van Beirendonck is here to help!


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  1. I’d definitely wear the first one

  2. Ha
    I’m currently wearing the second last one

    • Nice try, fakerboy.
      I would wear this in case of an alien invasion. This should confuse the aliens and give our military enough time to retaliate. I don’t know if I would survive this. But that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to give.
      Except for you, but luckily for you there are also valuable people on this planet Earth.

    • @Real Dat
      Honestly that is the best reply I’ve ever seen

  3. Lol who would wear these?

  4. I wonder how much money do the models make. It would take a lot of it for me to wear one of those “creations”

  5. The real world March 11, 2018

    Kids will throw rocks at you.

  6. Eatliver keeps posting ‘men’s fashion’ pics but there are never an men in the pics. Just emasculated fools who would put that idiotic crap on themselves. At very best, these are mental eunuchs… A man would have punched that designer in the face.

    • Wow, you sure sound like a real man! I bet you get all the quality women in your family. Women so love insecurity and violent tendencies in a man.

    • … And scratched his balls, spit on the floor right after punching the guy.

  7. OwO whats this?

    Cats > Men’s Fashion posts

  8. rednek1947 March 11, 2018

    If you dress like that you probably aren’t dating a woman.

  9. The Plumber March 11, 2018

    Name the superheroes

  10. Question Everything March 12, 2018

    In keeping with my comment name, WHY?

  11. @Boyodd
    My guess is you are one of the idiots pictured? Triggered much, wannabe SJW?

    • You are trying to insult me by calling me a runway model? Oh, how ever am I going to get over such a brutal verbal sting?!

    • @Boyodd is still a boy, not a real man.

  12. Was that a fashion show or Halloween?

  13. Every man’s secret dream, to be a walking pom pom. Think I could wear that into the local pub in small town Nevada and have a very interesting evening getting to know the locals.

  14. #6 looks like a cheeto! Lol

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