Human Anatomy Is Amazing



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  1. PatronusKitty7 January 31, 2017

    Why are ya targeting all the Italians?

  2. Italiano Medio January 31, 2017

    I reckon it is quite accurate.
    ..and if the blood cells are spicy you know they belong to a southern Italian.

  3. That’s silly. Everyone knows the Lactobacillus used to ferment the raw meat in the pepperoni are not killed by further processing and would cause bacteremia or even sepsis if introduced into the bloodstream.

    • Way to go Just Me. Just having a little fun at Italians expense and making silly comparisons. Now you’ve spoiled it. Just move on, OK?

    • Trump did it.

  4. PEPPERONI is an american invention.
    Just like all the rest of high fat-massive cholesterol-die soon foods on the planet.

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