People Are Making Trump Tiny Compared To Putin, Just To Piss Him Off



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  1. The narcissist Trump would be furious if he sees this, the sociopath Putin would smirk.

    • I cry everyday

    • Rattus-mingled February 23, 2018

      True to everything, but that first one still cracks me up.

    • I changed my mind. I love Trump.

    • @Rattus
      Why? What part of trump do you find all of a sudden good?

    • Lol What is happening to Rattus?

    • Rattus-cream February 23, 2018

      Nothing has happened to the original Rattus other than having some low-grade stalker remora itself to her posterior.

    • @Rattus-cream
      Chill. Look at it as popularity

    • @Rofl32, if I wasn’t at least chillish I would have run away. Part of me, though, is unutterably appalled that a stranger could wander through and be mislead into thinking I had even the smallest iota of respect for Trump. Don’t know why, I’ll never know them, they’ll never know me. The human mind is a curious thing.

    • @Dat I cry everyday too

  2. A Minimally Educated Man February 23, 2018

    How is this going to piss off Putin? Doesn’t make sense.

    • 1. Putin loves trump
      2. Putin visits eatliver everyday
      3. Hilary is lez
      4. Hilary is bit*h

  3. You guys in US don’t understand that for the rest of the world,your disrespect for your president is received as disrespect for your country, your nation, yourselves.
    US is being diminished.
    But again, you are hardly aware that there is a world outside the USA.
    P/s, Eatliver has great content thanks to you, cheers.

    • Not at all — for the rest of the world your president is a disgrace to the country and disrespect to the orangutan shows that there are still thinking people left in the US.

      What the potus will do when he sees these pictures? He will arm teachers with photoshop to combat eatliver.

    • I can’t sleep anymore after that. All I want is a POTUS that serves other countries, not ourselves.

    • @William
      Normally i’d laugh at that but regarding the circumstances here over the past week try not to use the word arm and anything related to an educational institution, it’s bad enough with that raccoon as president , it was a damned mistake

    • Thank you! I LOVE Trump and all the pussy-hat wearing, the great Satan Soros-funded Anti-f(irst)a(mendment) COWARDS who cover their faces while they beat the sh*t out of people in their rabid wolf packs (like cowards) who dare to dissent with their cultural totalitarianism (typically made up that morning), the sneering zero-IQ main-scream media who’ve NONSTOP since Nov 2016 have SMEARED this man…..while All Of The Above kept complicitly SILENT during that ass FroBama’s 8 year crime spree – you want to talk disrespect? Obama – violently enforced silence (he still is the ONLY president to EVER jail a journalist – FACT); Trump – nothing BUT spin, distortion and BLIND HATRED directed at him. And we CONSERVATIVES are the ones ‘coarsening the dialogue’? oh PLEASE. I kept my mouth shut all during ******* Obama’s reign of terror (and the RAPIST Bill Clinton) out of respect for the OFFICE – but then I realize DOUBLE standards are the ONLY standards that apply to DummyCraps.

    • If I / my ego / my beloved leader do / does not want the news to be the truth they are fake news.
      Facts are false when they hurt my feelings or weird ideas.
      There is a conspiracy around every corner except that I am part of.
      If people with guns kill people without guns we need more people with guns.
      Climate change must be a hoax ’cause it’s winter (and if it’s true Jesus will just save the self-proclaimed elite).
      The Earth is flat and 6000yrs old.
      The Bible is my law and moral compass even I never read it.
      Women are only half human.
      He grabs pu**ies and doesn’t read. – Such a true and honest man – make him president.
      People are getting dumber and dumber. Trump and the right-winged worldwide are just the latest symptom of this devolution.

    • I envy Trump. He is everything I wanted to be.

    • Fat, bald, stupid, a sexual harasser and an orange joke figure? No thanks! *LOL*

    • Yup, your right. Can you stay in your country and not come here?

    • Who would like to go to the U.S.? Much too dangerous. Most “shithole states” in Africa are safer.

  4. I draw red line in sand then run away.

  5. Still your President SUCKERS!!!

  6. The pictures are funny and they totally made me laugh. All that said, while I don’t love Trump– I hate Clinton. Those are the two choices we were GIVEN. We’re given crumbs and told who we have to vote for– unfortunately, the sheople buy it all. Lest us not forget, it was the Democratic Party who went to bat for Clinton, getting the ‘easily-defeatable’ rotfl Trump to be the Republican nominee. Clinton is the real criminal — and anyone who hasn’t read up on it, please feel free to search for ‘gate’ (not on Jewgle) and the Clintons, and see what one comes up with. Libya ALONE– and the carnage that is now that once best-of-Africa country is reason alone enough not to have voted Clinton. Why aren’t people asking more relevant questions– like, why must we choose from only two parties? Why do those parties consistently choose the worst of their lot for us? Who really controls the US?

    • You can do a write in vote for anyone you want. I voted for Charlie Manson for years, but unfortunately he died.

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