Romantic Pictures from Russian Dating Sites



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  1. Anonymous June 30, 2014

    I am shocked that you guys are so aggressive. Russian, Ukranian, American who cares. There are a lot of good and well-educated people in every country, the same about rude and nasty. Explore the world, Stop judging!

  2. Le bangee July 8, 2014

    What even is this? Random photos of people

  3. We ain’t judging we just laughing our heads off!

  4. Trash and puddle girls... September 5, 2014

    A group shower and I’m ready to rock!!!

  5. not russian, but ukranian

  6. Damn ,,, yall ugly ,, stay in russia please !!

  7. Is that what we get from all those Russian dating sites?

  8. Actually the gal in the pink boots is really cute.

  9. Beogradoholik October 9, 2014

    It’s so easy to ridicule others! Try first with your own shit, wherever you are!

  10. far from romantic lol

  11. It’s just damn thumb down

  12. LOL …a different cultural perception of what’s sexy?

  13. People, like why the hell do you mix the ridiculous photos stuff with politics??? This photos are funny/ugly/ridicoulous or whatever and those people when posting them have agreed that other might see them and comment. But what does it have to do from which country is who, which person is from where, from which part of Ukraine, Russia, or even some Kazakhstan??? Mostly what annoyed me is that 90% of this commenters are not even from this places and have no clue whats going on there in reality. So lets not turn this easy relaxing photo chat to the angry cold war usa – russia – ukraine – europe conflict. Seems like you cant escape from those discussion. Seems I m gonna go watch videos about kittens and still find there comments about Russian Ukrainian conflict. Enough!!!

  14. These pix are hilarious!

  15. And what’s up with all the rugs on the walls? Lol

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