Indoor Cats Going Outside for the First Time Ever



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  1. First time outside or first time on meth?

  2. someone found an excuse to post more cat pics… i see. Do people just spend hours thinking of ways to create silly cat montages?

    • What part of “The Internet” do you not understand?

    • how does a cat get a mortgage?

    • yes, what else is the interwebby for?

    • There is no Internet without cats.

    • Internet = Big scoop of cat pics, massive dollop of porn, 2 cups Internet business, a sprinkle of funnies (like this site), a spoon of procrastination sites, a spoon of viruses and other malignant sites and a pinch of stuff you will regret ever seeing.

  3. I Hate Cat Pictures August 30, 2014

    No comment.

  4. They all look like they just had a vision of the coming apocalypse. They have seen the end; no one survives.

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