People Who Think Earth Is Only 2019 Years Old


Makes you wonder how these people are able to function at all… Scroll down to see a list of Twitter users who believe Earth just turned 2019…

You think you are old?

Isn't it crazy?

Happy birthday, Earth!

Makes me so happy!

Happy birthday, queen!

Earth is turning 2019, guys!

Happy birthday, Earth!

The best planet ever!

Happy birthday, planet Earth!

Today Earth turns 2019 years old!

So crazy you guys!

Happy b-day to our planet!

So proud of you, Earth!

What a legend!

In just 2 days...

Happy birthday!

I'm so excited!

Just a couple of days until...

Wow, that's awesome!

Kinda crazy...


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  1. Americans. We did send the waste to the Americas and the waste sends tweets back. Please stay on your side of the Atlantic. Please stay behind your wall.

    • E.A. Presley January 1, 2019

      Troll. Don’t feed’em.

    • You do know twitter users are from entire world, right?

    • The Americans that protect you because you have no military and your people are to weak or stupid to defend your own country. THOSE Americans. Haha. Your such a pack of useless ungrateful cowards. You make us sick. Keep it up. Your attitude is why you now have to build your own military. Can’t wait to see that pack of surrender monkeys. Haha.

    • @Anonymous: Yes, sure, but you do know that e.g. French people will rather use their own language than English.

      @Alice: Well, you have presented your lack of knowledge the other day already. Thanks for doing it again.

    • @Alice: you are funny

    • Hahaha, Alice. What do you think who invented those nice barrels on your Abrams-tanks? Your army would throw stones if it wasn’t for us.

    • “Your army would throw stones if it wasn’t for us.“




      Oh wait. It is sad but the US is the biggest arms exporter. A sad, violent world indeed. Do you wish to top that dubious distinction?

    • Even sadder, the US spends as much money on arms as the next ten countries combined.

    • many weapons are produced with patent licence. Like those tank barrels. I think it is a german design. so next time you fire your patriotic also weapon wonder who actually constructed it.

    • Is this April first? Are the same halfwits who blame the US for everything, especially things military, trying to take credit for making those same things they use?

    • Yep, Alice, THOSE Americans. If we pulled our troops out of Europe, the Europeans would all be speaking Russian by the end of the year. The US is the only reason that they don’t.

  2. I weep for our future.

  3. You are all wrong — the earth is almost 6000 year old.

    • More like 4 plus billion.

      Sing it Devo:

      They tell us that
      We lost our tails
      Evolving up
      From little snails
      I say it’s all
      Just wind in sails

  4. Is the earth 2019 years old if you count year zero too? (Oh brother I con’t do this with a straight face) :))

  5. Prof Farnsworth January 1, 2019

    2018 years old it is.

  6. SpineyChicken January 1, 2019

    Most third graders are more worldwise than this. I fail to believe that most of these are legitimate.

    • I’m hoping that thinking the planet (or the US) is 2019 years old is a side effect of home schooling.

  7. 2019! The warrior from good ole’ Kalanian is back.. Some new stories just waiting for you to like… Love to Natasha, and the cats..oxo I lost my my Ace a few weeks ago, my 6 year old Doberman, a great, great loss, as I loved him so so much, but in writing I have found some solace. See you soon.. Hugz… National hug day, did you know?

  8. why did i choose to comment here? because B.C. doesn’t exist guys lol totally

  9. Y’all all are wasting time arguing instead of figuring out what’s really going on and knowing that this is not a human to human war… IT IS A WAR BETWEEN HUMANS VS NON HUMANS . WAKE UP OR SHUT UP!

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