Inspirational Chef’s Speech

Do you ever feel powerless? You actually have a lot of power. Just imagine: a single one of your pubic hairs can shut down an entire restaurant.

8 thoughts on “Inspirational Chef’s Speech”

  1. I don’t get it.

  2. Thanks, we’ll remember that during contract renegotiation

  3. You need a brain for humor.

  4. Burning down buildings, food contamination, violence, baby killing, cultural destruction through population replacement are such a shocking evil not all of us can grok the scope of the debauchery blasphemy and treason.

  5. I had a pubic hair cooked into a cheese and ham omelette at Denny’s once.
    I just ate around it, seemed a shame to waste such a delicious breakfast.
    I’ve had plenty of other pubic hairs in my mouth since, probably swallowed
    a few of them.
    P.S. spit out the red ones, they are like wire , and may get stuck in your

  6. Thanks for the non sequitur namef*g.

  7. Sure.

  8. Yes, the right wing is a danger to its country and the world. Like a desease.


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