Summer Is Tough


Sometimes you see what you really don't want to see.


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  1. If you don’t talk to your children about Wal-Mart, who will… 😢

  2. The Unbreakable Truth August 27, 2019

    Fat shaming is quite low and makes you look smaller.

    • that’s right, everyone back to trump shaming. 🤣

    • Trump is a vicious person. In that case all fun and shaming is legit.

    • How is he vicious? He has done so many good things! For example, this is the record low for unemployment among African-Americans. Honestly it is so sad how the media portrays him as a villain and accuses him of things he never did.

    • The economy has been running well and unemployment has been dropping since 2009 — you are thanking him for thing he never did. Have you seen him plugging his Florida resort at the G7 top in Biarritz? Why do you think he is hiding his tax returns? He is a villain.

    • And a sex criminal.
      I have no doubt he’s also responsible for more than one death for profit.

    • Too bad it doesn’t make fatties look smaller.

  3. Ya boy Bundee August 28, 2019

    I prefer fat girls out of their yoga pants 😏

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