How The Rest of The World Sees USA



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  1. That’s exactly the reason why I hate everyone outside US. They are so stupid and ignorant.

  2. Erm, false.

  3. ugaddabeekidding March 30, 2017

    Dude, the average illiterate indian slum kid knows way more about the world than the average (US)american college kid. And I’m not even exaggerating. If you compare the $$$ spent on education per child, the USA must have the worldwide lowest return on investment. The USA are seen as the land of opportunity worldwide because the local competition there is just subgrade. You are mere average anywhere else? Go to the USA and find yourself in the top tier. I have met people from about 50 bigger countries worldwide, and the level of ignorance and nescience of US citizens has never ceased to amaze me. So either you’ve just cracked a brilliant joke I didn’t get or you really are 100% american.

    • I just knew that there would be a piece of Eurotrash making a comment of this type. All French hate Americans; all Canadians are friendly, all Japanese are workaholics, all Americans are ignorant. Blah blah blah

    • FakeAmerican March 30, 2017

      But it’s true. Americans suck at maps.

    • BigR, when I vacation in the States and people ask where I’m from, I just say Toronto. Toronto is the sixth largest city in North America, is considered by many to be the most multi-cultural city on the planet, is known world-wide, and is 158 kilometers from the US border (about 30 kilometers by boat). I would have to say that a good 75% of the American’s I’ve responded to thusly have no idea where Toronto is, or even what it is.

  4. Where’s D.C. ?

  5. PatronusKitty7 April 24, 2017

    More like how U.S.A. sees the U.S.A.

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