Christmas Dadjokes Are The Best Dadjokes


Nice Christmas tree dad. Are you going to put it up yourself? No. I will put it up in the living room.


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  1. I told a dadjoke once. The lady didn’t like.

  2. Boebert and Greene had a lovers spat. Would pay money to see these two
    having a bitch fight. Spitting, yelling, hair pulling, tit slapping, rolling on the
    ground fun.
    Both are bitchy and loud, difficult to pick a winner.

    • I’m Joe Biden and I forgot this message

    • I’ll put my money on the skinny one, she looks like a bitter.
      She’d have Greene squealing in delight.

  3. President Trump December 22, 2022

    I need a bit of help, Christmas is fast approaching and I find myself
    a bit short of cash. A small donation,(minimum $100.00 U.S) would
    help cover meal costs, and a bottle or two of bubbly. I promise not
    to tap you anymore this calendar year for other needs.
    Your old pal,

  4. Rage Against the Machine, but modern woke version:
    F you I will do what you tell me

  5. Roses are red,
    Violets are black,
    If I ever run into Trump,
    I’ll kick him in the sack.


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