Liberals Are Like Christmas Lights



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  1. It should say “hipsters” not “liberals”

    • obvious cpt. October 7, 2017

      It should say “Tom’s family”

    • I remember a study that showed most hipsters are quite right-winged and almost fascist.

    • Sorry you dont like my comment, obvious(ly a hipster you are)

    • EUro conveniently “remembers a study” because he is unable to explain himself how a hipster is right-wing.

    • Better than lying and spreading fake facts.
      Found something about it.
      In your face, Hein! Such a loser. So sad.

    • EUro’s “study” would be 100% wrong…but that never stopped Leftists
      from trying to make their insanity *sound* credible by adding “…a study showed that…”.

    • The Good German October 7, 2017

      Typical right-wing nut. If the facts show evidence deny the facts and ignore the evidence. Trump doctrine.

    • Wow. I know how to paste a Wikipedia link but I still can’t argument by myself.

      Nipster: 0.0000001% of the hipsters in the world.
      Nazi = nacional SOCIALIST of German’s worker party
      Communists, socialists, nazis, all scumbags that want big government to force onto others their non sense. All authoritarian scums.
      Yeah….. hipsters are right wing.
      Right wing: small government, individual freedom and responsibility, free market, respect to laws, meritocracy, tendency to be libertarian.

      You’re free to explain how nazis fit in the above description but don’t fit instead with the left’s description.
      But see: you don’t argument about what is wrong with right wing, you just try to say any right wing is a Nazi, even though they aren’t, and neither me nor Kauf defend them.

    • Boohoo. EUro hurt Hein with facts. Everyone is so mean to the right-winged. They are always the victims. Boohoo.

    • Richard Rejmer October 8, 2017

      This is very funny for an Australian. . . . . Because the right-wing conservative party is called The Liberal Party

    • Sorry Day, neither you nor EUro said any facts :)
      He barely posted a Wikipedia saying some hippies are racists.

    • @Richard that’s true for some places. They call liberal when they’re in favor of free market and individual freedom. In US you could translate liberal into libertarian and it’d be similar.

  2. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

  3. Leftists posting nasty, bitter words in 3…2…1….

    • Let’s wait for Dat and Rattus

    • Alright, just to make you happy. Why do American conservatives refuse to acknowledge that blue states subsidize red states, and red states claim more welfare? I understand their refusing to acknowledge the multiple studies proving that liberals tend to be more intelligent than conservatives because, gee, that is just embarrassing. But the welfare thing is black and white facts. How stupid do you actually have to be to pretend something so blatant doesn’t exist? And I’m not even going to start in on Trump because…well, really, where does one begin with that neon tragedy?

    • Rattus, I don’t know that your claim is correct. I’ve heard it before, but….

      I *do* know from a lifetime growing up as a minority (35% W, 65% B) in a city
      that the WELFARE LIFESTYLE (generation after generation) is quite common among Black Leftists.

      Furthermore, it is reasonably possible (again, haven’t researched extensively) that many of those on welfare in “Red states” are not GOPers, but rather Democrats. Don’t know.

    • Lool Rattus. The state with higher growth currently is Texas. You’re free to explain your theory based on that.

    • Slave work.

    • Is that the fact? Slave work? Someone should denounce Texas to UN then.
      They are lying to us saying they’re attracting companies from California with less taxes, less regulations and a more lean government spending.

    • You are a slave to your hate.

    • The capital of Texas skews left.

  4. Conservatives are like incandescent bulbs: obsolete, intentionally underperforming*, and soon you won’t be able to find any.

    *light bulb manufacturers actually got together and agreed that incandescent light bulbs needed to have a low maximum hours of operation before burning out, to make sure people kept buying them. Otherwise, they’d last for decades. There’s one lightbulb that’s been going for 116 years.

    • Not sure if I’ll ever recover from this joke :(

    • Flossy McHookerpants October 7, 2017

      Planned obsolescence is pretty common in everything we buy these days.

    • There is no planned obsolescence for conservatives of the right wing. There isn’t any need for them at all.

    • Ooh! Saborlas SCORES for the first GENOCIDAL “joke” (but he’s NOT joking) against the Right.

    • The Good German October 7, 2017

      And we all know the right has more experience commiting genocides.

    • Are you sure Bad German? I can show you data that almost all western atrocities were committed by parties with socialism and/or communist in their names and with anti capitalism philosophy.

    • Keep telling that to yourself. Maybe history will be rewritten for you.

    • Dat, I’m going ahead and list some genocide leaders around the whole world from 1900-, and from socialists or communists parties. You’re free to do the same:
      Stalling, Mao, Khmer Rouge, Hitler, Kim Jong-u.

      Maybe the history will be rewritten for you to show comunism and socialism are good.

    • Darn auto corrector: Stalling = Stalin =P

    • Hein keeps trying to stall, but he is still losing the argument.

    • Freud is in love with his mom

  5. …and they get turned on by second rate politicians

  6. The old man in the Mountains Alamut October 8, 2017

    And right wingers are like lava lamps – out of fashion, fascinating to watch and not very bright.

  7. The Reluctant Interlocutor October 8, 2017

    Just to be safe, defund the US federal government.

    • Yeah, might as well take the final step towards creating the third world country the US is destined to become.

    • The Reluctant Interlocutor October 8, 2017

      Bernezuela comes to mind.

  8. Just Sayin' October 8, 2017

    Ayn Rand spent the last decade of her life destitute & living off Social Security benefit payments.

    • Mr. FICA steals my money, he says it’s for my SS. I want it back one way or the other.

    • Berkeley Prof. October 8, 2017

      We would have no choice but to club her to death if she spoke here.

    • Mr. FICA steals money from hard workers every month

  9. Travis Patten October 9, 2017

    I’ve been south of the Mason Dixon, they do not understand “work ethic”

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