The Funniest Reactions To Trump’s Meeting With Kim Jong-Un



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  1. Paul Frazer June 13, 2018

    It would be so good to see the Korean War end after all this time. To see the people of North Korea 🇰🇵 move forward and perhaps one day have at least European style freedom. Not actually freedom but better then their present position. Free trade and manufacturing at least. Read President Trump was nominated for the Noble Peace Prize. It’s meaningless since they just hand those out for nothing as they did for Obama. Still his anti globalization agenda is working. He does come across as a clown at times but that’s his trick. And it’s working. The people who who don’t understand why he won warts and all probably never will fully grasp his plan, but after 8 years of Trump the US will be in fine shape. As for the rest of the world, best get on Trump train like Kim Jong Un, because it’s not stopping.

    • Many good points. Too many can’t understand, or rather don’t want to understand.

    • Bile purged for the day? Carry on…
      …but pull up your pants first, your ignorance is showing.

    • Oh the rest of the world well understands how that mongrel got president: in no civilized country there are as many retarded voters.

  2. Says one to the other: everybody in my country likes me.

  3. Trump 2020 will become a reality, because otherwise the MSM would run out of real world articles and the leftists would quit posting to social media outlets. Basic economics.

  4. Paul Frazer June 13, 2018

    Trump will win because people see now that globalization is slavery. I’m not saying I agree with everything he does, but he is the only thing standing between us and what’s happening in Europe. Clinton would have sold our souls to the socialist. Outlawed free speech, allowed third world imagrates to flood into the country to rape and kill in our streets. To make us, well you know. Europe. He saved us for now.

    • Hi Paul, a little known fact: those streets in Europe, flooded and all with raping and killing third world “imagrates”, are still far safer than the streets in the US.

    • Person one one side of a border: “Hey, you over there! Let’s trade goods!”

      Person on other side of border: “Sure, friend! Let’s trade and make our lives better!”

      Doofus Paul Frazer: “NO! THAT IS SLAVERY!”

    • Your problem is you are fed lies and choose to believe them.

      Trump 3251 falsehoods in his first 497 days and counting…

    • It was the Americans to force globalization on the world. Remmeber when they send warships to Japan to force their way in Nippons non-globalized market?
      Globalization is evel now because everyone else ended up better at it than the US.
      Everytime someone chants “America first!” I hear “We are sad losers, we suck!”.

    • @Euro You had better go back to your world history books. The US warships showed up in Japan because Japan bombed the crap out of US territory. And keep in mind that if it was also not for the US sending warships to other countries you would currently be speaking German and living under a brutally repressive dictatorship, free of all of the undesirables such as Jews and Gypsies.

      You’re welcome.

    • Ruff Tuff Creampuff June 15, 2018

      @BigR: What EUro is referring to obviously is not WWII, but the US fleet led by Commodore Perry that in 1853 sailed into Tokyo harbour and threatened the Tokugawa shogunate with war if they didn’t start to trade with the US. You really should have learned about that in school, but I’ll have to admit that it’s hilarious when Trumpaloons try (and always fail) to teach others history. Read this and learn:

      Btw: It’s obvious from EUro’s posts that he does speak German very well…like a German in fact ;)

    • “I can speak German. I learned it from a book.”

  5. Well Paul, you must have taken a wrong turn somewhere and ended up back in the U.S again without you even noticing, because I’ve never encountered anything even close to what you describe, and I’m a well traveled European.
    Now when I was visiting the U.S however I did encounter all that you described. You’re not one of those Americans who wants to comment on the world without ever having traveled outside your own zip-code right? I’ve met so many of those while visiting, and you sound just like them.

  6. But, but, Trump would start third world war!!!!

    • There is still time for that. But first, golf. Putin will give the command if the time is right.

  7. America, yuck fea bitches June 13, 2018

    NORKland and South Korea look like my appendix. I know that the appendix has some function? I don’t particularly like the NORKS, Nips, ChiComs, buk buks and quite frankly the Ausies are aucking fnnoying.

    So I guess what I’m saying is, yea for Trump if he succeeds and all that, and as far as that Wall Thang will always be a goodie if this does or doesn’t work out.

  8. Paul Frazer June 14, 2018

    I was in Paris 8 mos ago. How can you walk through that and still say what your saying. I’ve been watching London’s decline for 20 years now during working trips. I’m retired now and I am probably overly concerned about Europe. Mostly because I have family there. You should also remember that we see what’s happening there uncensored. You do not. You go to jail for Facebook posts. Tommy Robbins etc…. you don’t have a free press and your delusional if you think you have freedom of speech. And you let them take away your ability to protect your family and property. In the leftist run coast cities there is great violence. Because those people allowed them to take away their right to defend themselves. Americans are not the only ones concerned about Europe. People from Europe are on our news weekly reporting about what’s happening. The crimes the rapes the government cover ups, calling the perpetrators Asians 😂. Defend it if that works for you. You know the story of how to boil a frog right?

    • Paul, you show all the symptoms of an overconsumption of fox news. There is no need to defend against your suggestions, as they simply aren’t true. And concerning that frog, that is yet another myth.

    • I bet he was in Paris, Texas.

    • I have been to France thirty-five times in the last twenty-five years, but it must have been a different France than you visited. However, I was drinking wine, not Kool-Aid.

  9. I still think you’re looking in the mirror….

  10. Paul Frazer June 14, 2018

    Time will tell Evan. I bare you no ill will. Just do me a favor and prepare. Just incase. Because History is replete with this story.

    • You should be worried about a US civil war. A traitor in the White House, votes manipulated by Russia, Murdock Media Mafia deviding the people. You are in trouble.

  11. Hillary lost a rigged election, you lefties really need to get over it. Watching your heads explode is getting tiring ( ex. Robert De Niro).

    • Rigged indeed. Otherwise Trump wouldn’t be in the oval office. His employer Putin fixed that for him.

  12. Truth hurts, William June 14, 2018

    Paul, you are right on the money. Little baby sour pants william is willingly & woefully ignorant. So, there is no need to debate him. He’s far too stupid and entrenched in his liberal dogma to see facts. Funny how he thinks you have been influenced by Fox news when it has been proven that the liberal media is the propagator of lies…

    • You say they lie but you don’t watch them. How can you know they lie? Because FOX says so? But when Fox lies it would mean you are being lied to and all others tell the truth. But that can not be the cause. Because you know a lie when you hear one. You have… uhm magical ears and it would be too much embarrasing to admit to being lied to the whole time… It can not be what must not be. That’s why feeling the truth is easier than thinking about it. Populist 101, so sad.

    • What, exactly, is liberal dogma? Really, a quick description would be useful to understand what nonsense you conservatives believe about the normal world.

    • Bob, he can’t answer that. It’s all hollow paroles. If you shout them louder than anyone else they become truth. No questions asked.

  13. Truth Hurts, William June 14, 2018

    Who say’s I don’t watch them. I watch news from all over. I actually don’t watch much of any Fox news. CNN is always good for a laugh.
    I did like your description though. Reminded me of this..

    • I know what the situation in western Europe is like, I life there. There is no censorship, you do not go to jail for expressing your opinions. If our mainstream press and news do not agree with your views, that says much about your “truth”.

    • William, I also life in western Yurp. Tommy Robinson is in no way censorship in the news, and didn’t go to jail for his opinions.

    • That is not censorship, but common decency (though perhaps not that common in your country). Suspects are innocent until proven guilty by a judge. If you try to publicly disgrace suspects, i.e. try to play for judge, you suffer the consequences.

  14. TRUMP 2020!!! Best president ever!!


    Suck it snowflake cuck boy!

  15. Paul Frazer June 15, 2018

    Hillary Clinton spent 1.3 billion dollars, had all the major news outlets, all of Hollywood and most of the Federal Government agencies behind her. CNN gave Donna Brazil question to give to Hillary prior to town halls and debates. The DNC rigged the primaries to get rid of Bernie Sanders which is why Debi Wasserman Schultz was forced to resign. They rigged elections, committed election fraud and with all of that, she lost. Trump won fair and square. Facebook swayed the election more then Russia and they were for Hillary. You need to get over it. Trump derangement syndrome is real. He lives in your heads for FREE.

    • Trump just rigged it better. Or better his buddy Putin did. Trump envies Kim so much for his power over North-Korea’s people and the freedom to kill whenever und whoever he wants.

  16. jimmyrustled June 16, 2018

    just imagine how scary this would be if clinton was there instead of trump….no longer funny but frightening

  17. “missiles, or nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.”

    The way that is worded and the way the commas are placed, that clause technically prohibits a class of weapons that are “chemical or biological” (that is, dual-use) rather than the individual types of weapons that were likely intended here.

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