People Who Had The Worst Christmas Ever



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  1. What a bunch of ass hats.

  2. Spoiled rotten millennials who feel entitled. Who would have guessed?

  3. scott gallant December 29, 2016

    These parents really suck, don’t they know they gave birth to royalty? WTF!

  4. The only thing worse than spoiled rich kids, are regular kids who think they’re rich.

  5. It won’t do these kids any harm to spend a week or two in Aleppo.

    • Datsinginguy January 2, 2017

      I was thinking the same thing! Try having an actual hard life for a week and then take stock of your “poor horrible miserable life”.

  6. Mankinds genepool is rotten.

  7. not enough beatings and too many participation ribbons.

  8. Damn. I freaking love my Kindle.

  9. I wanted a Kindle!… Alas, but I am a hard-working adult working away from home and my family is not even here for Christmas. So, instead they sent me a lovely Christmas card. Luvs all around! Humanity, will collapse soon, so don’t even worry about the spoiled brats.

  10. If any of these were my kids, whatever technology they wrote this garbage with, would be gone. And they would be serving at a soup kitchen for Christmas dinner. What a bunch of little $hits.

  11. The Lone Wonderer January 1, 2017

    These people need a high five. In he face. With a chair.

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