Who Would Win?



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  1. Nope, I don’t get what’s funny about this…

  2. Hilda is correct, confusing and not funny. I had to do a bit of research on it only to find out how forced the joke was. Try again.

  3. How is it so hard to understand that two collapsing super towers destabilize foundations of nearby buildings? Conspiracy nuts are nuts.

    • And it collapsed neatly in its own footprint, just like a controlled demolition!

    • @Grood
      Where do you think it will collapse; it’s not Tenga.

      Ignorance is the basis for most conspiracy theories.

    • @Grood Where the frak else is a building going to collapse? In a different building’s footprint? Should it collapse a few blocks away from its location? Over in the next county, maybe? Do explain, genius.

    • It’s so “easy” to understand, but it didn’t. If you read the report @BD posted above uncontrolled fire (because the sprinkler system didn’t work) made it collapse.
      Conspiracy theorists will say government orchestrated the fire + failure sprinkler system, others will say sprinkler system didn’t work because of some other problem.

    • @Reallity, @Meh, a not well planned or accidental event will likely make the building collapse towards one of just side, not onto itself. That’s why engineers are called to bring down a building.
      The report @BD posted explains as well why it collapsed the way it did, but it’s not a trivial answer.
      It took 16yrs for engineers to understand the event, but only a few seconds for our smart crowd here. @Dat, @Meh, @Reallity, you 3 are genius. Please consider following your expertise path in civil engineering.

    • Engineering it is.

  4. Who won?
    Who’s next?
    You decide!

  5. Not funny. 9/11 jokes never are.

  6. Independant Bob November 19, 2017

    Muhammadans(D) kill victims(D) in New York(D) and conspiracy theory nuts(R) think the Feds (43)(R) did it?

  7. This makes zero sense. Whatever drugs you’re on it’s time to start sharing.

  8. Mr Tin Foil Hat November 19, 2017

    Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney said the government killed 5,000 blacks and buried them in the swamp after hurricane Katrina. Bonus points – was that before or after she whacked a Senate cop up side the head with her phone?

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