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  1. Lamborghini August 19, 2014

    gOLDen. As is this post.

  2. Screw this rich bastard. He lives behind tall walls and armed security gaurds and he wants you and me to give up our guns we need to defend our homes from crackheads and tweakers. When he lives in a poor neighborhood and gives up his armed security, then he can talk. Until then he is just another out of touch rich guy who thinks they have the worlds answers and bad guys can be reasoned with.

    • FUBO = Anon August 20, 2014

      Calm down there, dumdum. No one is treading on you, including crackheads and tweakers.

    • Not me this time Zelda, but I must admit I agree with their sentiment. Just like Rosie O’Donut squawking about regular folks being able to defend themselves when she has armed bodyguards.

    • While this guy is stupidly insane rich, he is also a philanthropist. What he is doing to combat STD’s, particularly AIDS, is excellent. He seems one of the more reasonable insanely rich. Compare with the Koch brothers, Wall Street or Walmart, who regularly screw over millions of Americans by reducing social welfare so they can get more tax cuts with the savings.
      Also Australia has most guns banned, hardly anyone has guns, and there doesn’t seem to be any issue with crack heads or tweakers any more so than the US. Lastly you are more likely to be injured or killed if a gun (doesn’t matter who has it) is present in an altercation. You are literally safer without the gun.

    • The Koch brothers are quite generous in their philanthropy. Among their donations is $100 million for cancer research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and another $100 million for a new ambulatory care center for the New York Presbyterian Hospital.
      Walmart is the biggest private employer in the world, providing over two million jobs, and offering discount merchandise to consumers who otherwise might not be able to afford such products.
      Australia has not banned guns, only restricted them. The results of the restriction is a matter of much contention. People can make their own judgments on this.
      Lastly, your statement that you are more likely to be injured or killed if a gun is present is akin to saying that you are more likely to be injured or killed in an automobile accident if an automobile is present.

    • brit_girl @ rebuttal August 24, 2014

      in England, all guns are illegal with a few minor exceptions such as air rifles and the occasional farmer with a shot gun. we hear regularly about people getting stabbed but i don’t know anyone who has ever been shot, when people are shot, it makes national news. my friends that live in the bronx, New York had 2 drive by shooting just a few months ago. in their street. people died and no one really cared.
      and as to your statement about cars its just retarded. if there were no cars or automobiles, like they were banned and destroyed because humans found a way to hover everywhere, then no one would EVER be involved in a car crash. because, y’know, they’ve been outlawed. like guns should be.

  3. I’d have one for every day of the week so various

  4. As a good citizen of the world would say, peace is good for business. Then again: war is good for business too, so… the color is red.

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