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  1. Anon's Wife March 31, 2014

    So what’s up with that potato country? Captain Obvious pls help!

    • That would be the Latvian flag. Though there are many other countries that have a close connection to the potato, somehow an internet meme has been created associating Latvia with potatoes and bad English.

    • It’s an internet meme originated from Latvian black humor that shows Latvia as very poor country where people die from starvation dreaming about eating potatoes. Check reddit’s /r/latvianjokes.

    • I’m an Latvian, but still cant catch this joke…

    • /*associating Latvia with potatoes and bad English*/ I am Russian, and I can’t get the Latvia/potato joke either. In case you don’t know, Latvia and Russia were both part of one state, the Soviet Union.At those times, Latvia was associated, mostly, with Riga mopeds and VEF electronic devices (those, by the way, were pretty good; I keep my Dad’s VEF TA-12 telephone from 1980’s, and it still works). In Russia and othe ex-S.U. countries, it’s Belorussia that’s associated with potatoes… and funny Russian (that;s actually Belorussian, but the difference is lesser than that between London Cockney dialect and aristocratic English). Everybody have a nice day!

  2. The joke with Latvia being that the people there dream of eating potato, while in other countries they are rich enough to afford potato.

    • Joking you be must! Potato only in fairy tales!

    • aussie chick April 13, 2014

      I though the Irish died from a potato famine – I have Latvian parents, don’t remember stories of potato issues… I think the problem was more to do with the USSR, maybe.

  3. I Am Not Funny March 31, 2014

    The Native Americans died in their teepees. The Brits are dying in their tea pee.

    • Dude, you actually are funny :D

    • The Brit... August 27, 2014

      No he really isn’t funny…

    • actually there was plenty of food in Ireland during the potato famine. the problem was england was stealing it all. Drink to much tea really? that’s the best you can do?the english are *******.
      funny (not really) Scotland voted to stay part of brit. you all haven’t had england raping your women stealing from you?

  4. Couldn’t they spell check the “sjoes” in the Italian flag?
    Maybe the author is a Spanish speaker since in Spanish the “J” is a voiceless pharyngeal fricative like the “H” in English.

    • Drunk Italian March 31, 2014

      It’s fixed now, thanks to you, spelling nazi.

    • mmhherica April 1, 2014

      Btw where is germany?

    • Smartass spanish speaker April 3, 2014

      Or perhaps was typo. You know, the J is located just beside the H…

  5. Mädel@mmhherica April 5, 2014

    Since the reunification there’s been a constant fuss about the flag. We could not settle for a proper flag for GREAT GRAND GERMANY yet. So actually there is none at the moment.

  6. Latvia isn cold/dark. and yes, potato! :)

  7. Umm, NZ made Lord of the Rings, not Australia…

    • EXACTLY! Hence why they used the New Zealand flag and not the Australian (which has white stars, not red).

    • Similar irrelevant countries , who cares

  8. if Britain spent more time drinking tea then trying to fight every war imaginable they may not of gone bankrupt , take note America, maybe russia or china will do you a favour and give you a handout . bit like you did when Britain were at war , well you made sure you became the superpower as britain skint . but by the u.s fighting wars for israel you may find yourselves more disliked than now. and england does not own **** all , BRITAIN DOES, **** you americans are the most inward looking bunch of ignorant idiots god ever placed on planet earth

  9. Dr. Angela Merkel, Chancellor April 13, 2014

    Why is Germany not on the list yet.

  10. AnselmoJones April 13, 2014

    Love this page, it shows how stupid, dumb and idiots americans can be. thank you, the world is really a much better place.

  11. With out great Britain native Americans would still rule the so called states

  12. ImFilipino May 14, 2014

    Where’s Philippines?
    Rich countries will ALWAYS help us ALL THE TIME. Viva la economia la Pilipinas.

  13. Too lazy to look but has anyone suggested labeling the flags with the country?
    We’re all here looking at meme’s so I would guess we all never got A’s in geography or flags!

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