Can Anyone Explain This Mystery?

37 thoughts on “Can Anyone Explain This Mystery?”

  1. Ask Trump.

  2. Because the people doing the hiring are men. Seriously, are MRAs so stupid they can’t logic that one out?
    Well that was a stupid question. Of course they are. They’re MRAs.

  3. you could have stopped after the “M”. :-)
    Just one random thought:
    Women typically have smaller hands.

  4. The ‘wage gap’ has been thoroughly debunked. Would you hire Zelda to do anything but scrub your toilet?

  5. Yes, but only if she does it nekkid and with her tongue…at minimum wage.

  6. sexist much?

  7. Suuuure…because it’s HILLARY and SANDERS who underpay women.
    Stupid Leftists…

  8. It’s the old “Supply and Demand” matter for the Left:
    they say whites should stop reproducing…
    …which leads to fewer women…
    …which leads to higher wages for the fewer women.
    THAT’S what the Left calls a “WIN!”

  9. If you are calling me a sexist, Kaufy, not at all. I very much enjoy the company of men. MRAs, however, share the lowest ratings amongst men along with racists and RWNJs. Think of it like this – one can truly enjoy beer but still refuse a Budweiser or a Miller if that’s all that’s on offer. MRSs, racists and RWNJs are the Budweisers of men.

  10. Then shouldn’t companies hiring men bankrupt due to higher costs?

  11. Maybe he meant me.
    your interpretation. Others might interpret that the PotUSoA is quite feminine.
    RWNJ comparison is unfair. Budweiser’s not that bad.

  12. @Kauf Buch
    You get triggered too easy… you should relax.

  13. Woman aren’t roofers, road construction workers, plumbers, electricians, mechanics. They’re in office jobs predominately. They don’t want anything but the “right” to pursue jobs they don’t want in the first place. If you made a woman work on a roof they’d cry about it.

  14. As they should. Have you ever met a roofer who wasn’t a complete moron? I haven’t, and I would certainly cry if I had to spent all day listening to typical roofer blather while I hammered and tarred in the hot sun. Sheesh, I can’t believe that you’re faulting women for not being stupid enough to want to do that for a living.
    If I were starting all over again, though, knowing what I know now, I would totally go for being a plumber. Lake view aside, this working in an office is not for me. I did not think it was possible to be this bored.

  15. @Rattus – now this is a good equal, non-sexist attitude you have there.
    Good luck getting along whith other people with this shittitude of yours.
    We can be now sure, that those roofers are more intelligent than you are!
    Now go learn something and get a major in something else than your current dance therapy masters degree.

  16. Maybe you’re just afraid that Zelda would do a better job.

  17. I’ve never met a roofer who wasn’t a moron – how is that sexist? If there are female roofers, they are likely to be just as dull-witted. Their stupidity may be a result of sucking in tar fumes under a scorching sun, but they are stupid nonetheless. Seriously, who would take such a job if they had any other options? Morons, that’s who.
    And by the by, you imply that I’m a sexist and follow that up with a reference to dance therapy. The lack of self-awareness makes me think that you spend your days tarring and hammering and sweating and urinating in backyards not your own.

  18. That’s BS, Soco. I’ve seen women as road construction workers, electricians and mechanics. – Can’t tell about the other jobs ’cause I haven’t seen a lot of them at all.

  19. Rattus is right. Men prefer to hire men. Even if it costs more and the women are better qualified. It’s a fact. It’s still a subject to studies.

  20. @Rattus- How many roofers have you known? Your comment wasn’t sexist, it was just elitist bs. You sure that you are so much better than any roofer? Wow. There are a lot of good people out there who do these jobs that people like you can’t hack. Don’t knock them, you cannot judge someones character or intelligence if they have to or choose to work for their living. Some of us can’t sit on our butt all day pretending we are smarter than people who actually DO things with their hands.

  21. @rat: Also, I expect that a good roofer makes more money than the average cubicle slave. Maybe you just attract morons.

  22. Men do not get pregnant

  23. “Triggered”? Nope. I’m *not* a Leftist.
    I’m just getting started!

  24. machine, we’ve had the various houses we’ve owned roof, occasionally more than once (good job guys), and there was a roofing company located a few houses down from our previous residence, so I’ve met a fair number of roofers. I don’t disparage people for doing a job I won’t, but honestly, every roofer I have ever met has been profoundly stupid and I can’t seem to work up a whole lot of respect for anyone who chooses to destroy their body and their brain because the might make a few more bucks than if they worked in a cubicle.
    And please note that I dont ascribe stupidity to blue collar workers in general – just roofers. I don’t know if the work makes them stupid, or if the job attracts idiots.

  25. Women don’t build skyscrapers, bridges, ships, dams, electrical generating plants or electrical grids and distribution systems. The infrastructure of our society. Women rarely invent anything of consequence, they lack the spark of imagination. But just ask them and they’ll tell you that they’re the equal of men.

  26. Hello, Joe the Moron. Interesting list you give us there. Problem is that it is a result of inequality. You failed… again.

  27. Kauf Buch does. With burgers.

  28. @Rattus – how do you know that there are no female roofers ?
    Also when you meet a lot of roofers and you think that they are all morons and you are superior due your whatever reasons, then you do have some serious self-esteem issues. A need to be better than others, which pushed you to finish College – maybe get masters degree even – just to prove your worth. And you are still fighting yourself in this world to be the special snowflake that matters. Good luck with that.
    As for dance therapy – i know a load of female engineers and none of them squirts out this inequality shit – we all get paid the same and that way before the corporate policy turned away from creativity to “diversity”. But a majority of Ph.D’s in social studies that i know, for some reason do not have a steady or well paying jobs and they whine the most. Suddenly after 9 years of hobby education everybody owes them.
    Just tell us – have you ever tried to talk to roofers just person to person like a normal human being without a need to be superior to them but just to get along ? Maybe they would not make moronic jokes and actually have some wisdom to pass on to you. I know a dude @ car repair, who knows a lot more about history and WWII events through self study and gathering materials than any of the current college history graduates I’ve met. He has actually visited all the major event places in Europe. I would have not known about this, if i’d have had the same attitude about car fixers like you have with roofers.
    If you have issues with more than one roofer – seek the root cause for this problem from within. Read some Spinoza instead of facebook scrolling and you might eventually get along with yourself.
    As for the fume sniffing – ill sniff whatever I want in my own back yard :)
    Good luck with your life and may the schwartz be with you!

  29. Dat: How is that a result of inequality?

  30. As many women don’t get the chance to even enter this fields of expertise it’s not surprising the female names in these areas are few. Women are often shut out of these fields by e.g. mysogynistic, social pressure, lesser payment or cultural/religious rules. Unable to overcome the barriers and forced to a way of life expected by society. Since birth children are pressed into a role expected from them by others. Parents and family, teachers, friends, media. So girls actually lose interest in such fields or abandon it even if there would be great potential.
    What Joe did was unintentionally or deliberately interchanging cause and effect. It’s a self-preservative system. Real feminism is just the voice that demands to break that circle.
    And it’s also the other way around. A lot of boys and man are interested in “girl jobs” and would like to work in that area. Yet social pressure is much too high.
    I think a lot of potential for society is lost every time a child’s dreams get crushed.

  31. No, that’s not it. Women want to be fire fighters, but they can’t carry an unconscious 200 lb. victim down five flights of smoke filled stairs. They can’t do the work.

  32. “Man work” isn’t just carrying heavy stuff… Only because you don’t want to see it doesn’t mean there is no sense. Most men can’t carry a 200lb victim…

  33. Sorry to disillusion you, but I actually have a grade nine education. I will admit to some post-secondary education in the fields of matting and stained glass, but that was due to not wanting to pay thousands of dollars to frame things or replace a broken window. My place in the sky-high cubicle farm was achieved through innate intelligence and an ability to get the job done no matter how numbingly tedious I find it. I certainly don’t think I’m superior to blue collar workers – I’ve been married to one for thirty years. My favourite people at work are the facilities guys, not the execs on my floor. The people I hang with outside of work are a mix of blue collar, creative, and, mostly, social services – all intelligent, all witty. And yet, every roofer I have ever met has been profoundly stupid.

  34. Wah, da man keepin us down. That’s the synopsis of what you’re saying, and it may have been true once, it isn’t now. You’ll need a new excuse.

  35. Can’t we all just get along?

  36. because they dont do the same amount of work its proven

  37. maternity leave….thats why

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