Thank You, Trump!


Thank you, Trump!


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  1. Those same two jobs wouldn’t pay your rent under Obama either.

    • But she would have health insure at least.

    • If she couldn’t afford her rent, it is quite doubtful that she could afford the $800 each month to pay for her health insurance, much less make the $5000 deductible. How is that better?

    • ‘Murica is doomed.

    • Exactly. Its funny how the deep state/’two-party’ system finds ways to offload blame unto others.

  2. Trump-trump-trump-trump-trump-trump-trump-trump-trump-trump-trump.

    • Cost of living in red States is very affordable. Maybe liberals should stop making their states into expensive hell holes. And chubby in the picture should learn a skill, minimum wage isn’t meant to live off. So tired of liberals whining.

    • Says the guy in the basement who never had a job and lives of his parents’ pensions.

    • I’m afraid living in red states very affordable because nobody wants to live there.

    • Very much on the contrary; people are fleeing the pits of blue states for red states like Texas. Get your head in the game.

    • In order to get shot?

    • My comment was an illustration how useless the discussions on political topics in the Net are. The comments here, plus the text in the image itself, can be replaced with “Trump-trump-trump-trump!” or “la-la-la-la-la” and nothing of value will be lost. I am not an American. I am however fascinated with the mass psychosis taken over America for the last 4 years. Are there no normal people left on the Net? Jesus Crist man! He won, get over it. A Democrat will win in 2024. Then a Republican in 2032, then a Democrat in 2040… US elections are generally like clockwork. Life as we know it is not ending. Civilization is not collapsing. The Planet is not dying in 12 or 100 or 500 years.

  3. She could try spending less on chocolate…

    • Cheap food makes you fat. Therefore poor people in developed countries are often obese. Rich people can afford a healthier lifestyle.
      You could try to spend more on “brain food”.

    • The problem is not in the price, but in poor people often being less educated in the benefits of healthy food.

    • Let’s say, both.

  4. Vote: None of the Above. 2020 August 14, 2019

    Blame the ironically named affordable care act. it’s why employers want as few employees working full time as possible. The most frequently passed laws in Washington, are those of unintended consequences. Its not a party issue, it’s a lazy corrupt and stupid issue. Stop supporting bad legislation because it’s named things like “The bill to serve man”.

    • So many have either forgotten that or never took the trouble to find out for themselves. Instead, they kept sucking down the pablum fed to them by the press who told them how wonderfully that legislation would be. My employer’s health insurance rates were going to nearly double when the ACA took effect. They decided that it was cheaper to be self-insured, which quite effectively took those employees out of the “insurance pool”.

    • Funny how people elsewhere can live on one job including health care, buy cars, flats and houses, enjoy security without guns, a working police force and still have a higher living standards than MAGA-Land.

  5. defund the state... Bob August 14, 2019

    Who is FICA and why is he taking all my money?

    • @Bob
      You know Bob, at some point your going to have to resist the IRS?

  6. Sadly most are in child protection services

  7. If she ate less, she would buy a house.

  8. Maybe should have spent more time bettering her skill set instead of expecting to be paid like she has a skill set.

  9. The Lone Wonderer August 15, 2019

    You could save up on maybe not feeding yourself to twice the healthy size….

  10. Love it. Both the meme and the comments.

  11. @HipsterTypist August 16, 2019

    What kind of idiot works at the worst paying place possible, friggin’ WalMart!

  12. as i see, you sold out ”eat liver”. enjoy the money they gave you. and never forget that you could die like a free voice instead of a prostitute.

  13. No kidding. August 19, 2019

    That’s because she has a teenager’s summer job.

  14. I love wiping the shit off my shoes as I walk down liberal CA streets. If you’re moving to red states leave your blue state beliefs behind you.

  15. That was the Obama administration for sure. He made sure you would lose your full-time job, and you would have to work 2 part-time jobs with no benefits.

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