How Women Actually Look Without Makeup



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  1. The last row should be “how women actually look in europe”.

    • The Lone Wonderer May 27, 2014

      I disagree.
      Top row: moviestars
      Middle row: how men like to see women in real life
      The last row is (left to right) USA, Arabia, Africa… maybe all USA even…

    • speckundröschti May 27, 2014

      You mean europe like, hmm, czech republic, italy or france? Keep your fake **** – i’m happy over here…

    • Says the guy who barely leaves his room…Europe may as well be another galaxy for all you know about it.

    • passive aggressive guy May 28, 2014

      lol @ the American fatass

  2. I agree with LandLord, they’re not fat enough to be Yanks.

  3. now that is just so true

  4. Second row, before the word “men” should be “well-adjusted;” and last row, instead of word “actually” should say “think they” — it has nothing to do with which continent you’re on, it’s about culturally-ingrained insecurity and shallowness (on the part of both genders).

  5. First Row: Beautiful, Super Famous
    Second Row: Beautiful, Probably Still in High School
    Third Row: Beautiful Because They’re Authentic. (You go girl on the bottom left!)

  6. I disagree women can be beautiful with and without makeup
    This is just telling girls their ugly and that is just plain rude😲😲😲😡😡😡

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