Evolution vs. Intelligent Design


Wolf vs. dog.


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  1. The Lost Brit April 20, 2020

    S’truth! Now, get on with it.

  2. Could also be: Covid stimulas plan, as envisioned/as passed congress…

  3. You tards can’t understand how the ‘Big Bang’ IS intelligent design and not just something I do to your mothers….pathetic.

  4. I can understand why someone would want to selectively breed dogs for utilitarian service use (hunting, foraging, security, etc.). I’d like to know who the first idiot was to pay money for a suffering dog that has no other use than vanity?

  5. Pugs always look like someone has just stuck a finger up their bums

  6. Yes, the very cute breed here with a human-like face is a product of intelligent agents’ deliberate efforts to capitalize on mutations. People did this with a lot of growing desire all along the way to arrive at an ideal desired end point. The extremely specifically complex wolf cannot self-assemble without a mindful Being which man has always instinctively called God(s). Life on any scale, no matter how small, cannot spontaneously arise from non-living material. D.N.A. cannot be coded without a coder that is a brilliant thinker with immense power to make things real – alive. Nature is not a mind or a plan. Nature design’s nothing. Atheists call God nature.

    • Religious people confuse the result of natural selection with design by a deity.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter April 21, 2020

      I call God bullsh*t and nature nature.

    • The religious call nature god.

      Religion also claims things like the Earth is the center of the universe and it’s only 6000 years old. I guess if you are religious, you just ignore all the times it’s wrong.

  7. Always gotta get those Trump slams in. Can’t go a second without thinking about your Daddy. Its sad really. Your entire mind will be occupied with him until Jan 2025. Sucks to be you.

    • Eric the half bee April 21, 2020

      LOL Four more years of Trump and the Mexicans will be building a wall to keep you lot out.

    • Mate if you are going to troll under different names at least try and change the wording

    • 4 more years and all Americans will be dead. Trump is already killing thousands by doing nothing. There will be another chance after corona. Such narcissists will always find a way to kill others by incompetence. He isn’t stupid per se. He just doesn’t care about American citizens as long as he himself and his family are OK.
      And he will try to get 12 years. Because there will be nothing to achieve after being president. His ego can’t take it. He will have to remain president forever or crown himself king.
      You may laugh now. But give it a few more years and you won’t be able to laugh either because of lungs disfunctionous desease or the boot of his fascist police state on your throat. His minions raping your wife and daughter. And you’ll tell yourself, “Why did I vote for him? I’m a rightard…”

    • “Because there will be nothing to achieve after being president.”. Haven’t you heard about the group that controls the Illuminati, Big farma and global banking system; The toilet paper cartel. Lots of achievements still to be unlocked after being POTUS.

    • I’m talking about real people, Snappy.

  8. Anonymous – How do you figure that?

  9. William, nobody really does have complete knowledge how God (not nature assembling itself) created the animal and plant species, naturally. The Bible does not commit to all these species, including us, being fully-formed first, instantly, out of nothing. The Big Bang is the universe – a singularity, having first been measurable as only subatomic in size. And again (“Agnostic”), religious can mean a young earth creationism interpretation, or not. Maybe as a true agnostic you make no claim to know for sure that the way the species originated and the essential cause of change within each was not supernatural.

    • Nature is self-assembling and forever evolving, leaving a long trail of extinct life forms.The bible is as relevant on the explanation of life on earth as are the Grimm’s fairy tales.

    • Yes. I make no claims to know anything for SURE about if there is a hidden god that helped create everything, and of course, YOU don’t know anything for sure either!
      However, there are people studying using science, and everyday they learn more and more. I’ll stay on their side. They have evidence. Religion does not.

  10. William, the Jewish Bible does not commit to the hows. More importantly, Jesus and His disciples do not revisit origins. Is your “bible” knowledge 2nd or 3rd hand…likely from fundamentalists with wooden over literal interpretive methods and unwavering blind trust of their old hands in YEC dogma leading? God writes the D.N.A. No one else can. He can do it as He wants to. No limitations. One species might give birth to a radically different offspring, internally especially, in a punctuated F.F. fashion. The rate and change of directions towards more and more diverse and increasingly complicated forms of life are His call. A new complete interrelated organ system where each part is reliant on the attendant whole can be made in a one fell swoop birth/hatching, if the species(s)’ forward evolution requires it. – – “Agnostic,” nature cannot assemble itself. Nature is mindless…has neither a brilliant will, plans as extensive as the sprawling universe itself, nor the unbounded power to create specific complexity, like that which you use right now here inside your head to think up your rebuttal. The Jewish “OT” Bible does not commit to HOW the universe-creating Being made all that there is. Tell me about a grim fairy tale that has as the only important character a subatomic sized universe arising out of a immaterial no-energy void to go on exploded in a perfect way for billions of years *to give us this Earth that is conditioned to change non-living matter to the living brain you use on Eat Liver to understand it 13.7 billion years later.* The Big Bang is a GREAT example of an event that religious people categorize (correctly) as the first and greatest supernatural happening. The metaphysical topic is whether “nature material” got God smarts and power and did/is still doing Earth and human and animal kind’s lives and deaths. Or rather did a supernatural Being (God) do it -is still doing it according to His will, or allowing for his imperfect will the free moral agent’s (man and angel), counter works for Earth and her creatures.

    • Grim Fairy tales….. isn’t that the book where a million people got murdered slowly by rainfall? That must have been really grim all right. I think they were exercising free will, which was all according to the murders plan. Pretty dark stuff.

      Hmm…13.7 billion years eh? Did the bible give you that number? You must be looking at other information. That’s a great start.

      PS. I’d give you a more reasonable response, but you are not being very clear at all.
      “got god smarts and power and did/is still doing earth and human and animal kind’s lives and deaths.”

    • I wasted my time reading the bible when young; have turned to science since, as reproducible experiments make much more sense than the irreproducible claims of religions. Your ideas about an animal giving birth to a completely different animal is hilarious. The rate and change of direction are not his call, but occur by random incorrectly corrected damage to and copying errors of your DNA. If you want to be on a par with your god, you can nowadays mail order any DNA sequence you like. The whole of nature is based on eating food to acquire the building materials and energy to self-assemble.

  11. Agnostic, I said nothing about Grimm Fairy tales to explain something. I did mention fairy tale when I asserted that the Big bang qualifies as supernatural. William derisively compared the Bible’s explaining power to those dark kid’s stories. The Bible gives NO NUMBER, so No I didn’t get it there. Your summation (the P.S.) where you say you’d make the effort to be more attentive if I were being clearer is a hasty dodge. You are a hard agnostic, not open enough to a brief on topic non-Bible reliant conversation about whether there simply can be a God – any God. As a human being, all religions aside, you were made to wonder about God. You were made to wonder.

    • No number? Six days.

    • You have no idea how open minded I am! Not a hasty dodge at all, I tried and couldn’t understand what you wrote. I’ve read a coherent argument about why intelligent design was very logical. It was quite interesting and they made some great points. The thing is, even if I think the world was created by a god, there is no hard evidence that shows whether I should follow the Koran or the Bible or follow any religion. (no proof of a garden, stone tablets, or an ark etc. etc. Just inaccurate info in books, and judgmental people. Usually not open to new ideas either!) I have morals and usually do the right thing, because I know it’s right, not because I fear god.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter April 24, 2020

      Once a deist loses faith he loses his morals. He’ll become a savage creature. Convertites are leading the crime statistics worldwide. They are the most violent people, because they have no real morals. Also religion makes it easy to dehumanize someone who doesn’t share your god(s). The bible and other books tell you to do so.
      That’s why deists think agnostics and atheists have no morals.
      But both non-deists don’t follow morals because they fear the punishment of a imaginary being but because they are convinced it is the right way to treat people and how they want to be treated. Unreligious morals are much stronger than fear induced religious morals.

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