Please Don’t Feed The Bears



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  1. Exactly. Waiting for libtards to come and cry.

    • That’s the problem with stupidity. I hurts others. That’s why they cry.

  2. Riccardo Cabeza July 16, 2017

    Challenge accepted!
    First, you obviously projected your perception of laziness on to welfare recipients.
    Two, there are children involved. Those lazy moochers can’t work but need and deserve help.
    Three, most people on welfare are…WHITE! That’s right, white! lol
    Four, putting cash in the hands of people who desperately need it, is a fantastic, powerful fiscal monetary tool to boost the entire economy.
    Five, there are NO Undocumented Immigrants on welfare
    Six, government assistance is extremely effective at helping people get out of—and stay out of—poverty.
    Seven, you can’t stay on federal welfare forever. There is a 5 year federal limit on the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.
    In short, welfare is an extremely positive, helpful program that provides more tangible, measurable benefits than it costs.

    • Why are you bringing skin color into this? Nobody said that non-whites are majority on welfare.

    • There are child bears involved too. You heartless!!!

    • @Lolfosor:
      One. I am not American and all I see is whites whining about welfare policies.
      Two. The bear is black.
      Three. The man in the second frame is white.
      Four. I can’t believe you missed this subliminal suggestion.

    • First: I have seen it with my own eyes. Not all of them, but enough.
      Two: My parents were often below the poverty line but never took welfare. They managed to feed their children by working for a living.
      Three: There are more whites on welfare because there are more whites to begin with. Percentage-wise blacks are three times more likely to be on welfare, and Hispanics two and half times as likely.
      Four: This is taking from Peter to give to Paul
      Five: According to a report from the GAO, in “1995, about $1.1 billion in Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) and Food Stamp benefits were provided to households with an illegal alien parent for the use of his or her citizen child”.
      Six: It is not difficult to find numerous studies showing many families on their third and fourth generation of welfare.
      Seven: A study published in 2015 by Quarterly Journal of Economics “found strong empirical evidence that reliance on welfare in one generation is likely to cause greater welfare use in the next generation.”
      “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”

  3. Riccardo Cabeza July 16, 2017

    You don’t think racism affects peoples perceptions of welfare? (Hint: it does. This is a knowable fact.) The misconception that ‘others are just lazy takers’ needs to be addressed even if you feel uncomfortable confronting it.

    • I’m too lazy to understand the world, then I’ll play the race card and win

    • Hein is probably white. Therefore he most likely is too lazy to understand the race factor as it doesn’t affect him in a negative way. All he gets is profits.

    • Sorry to disappoint, I’m black.

  4. I think OP means “corporate subsidies”

  5. American In Vienna July 16, 2017

    That 45 years old – still living with mom – balding since 32 – pedophile with nail in his earlobe is really thinking hard. Like a true Trumpster. Go, idiot! You can think this one thru!

    • Looks like someone got offended by the post… Hoe.many welfare are you collecting right now? Work is too hard for you? :D

    • American In Vienna July 16, 2017

      It’s “how” not “hoe”. Hoe is something else, ask your momma.
      And, yes, of course I’m on a welfare. Excellent deduction!

    • I’m so smart. I correct typos like if I was Einstein.

    • American In Vienna July 16, 2017

      Einstein was actually very bad at grammar.
      you tried

    • @American in Vienna – Sounds like a description of Kauf Buch. I doubt he has a job.

    • P.S. Or hair on his head.

  6. And the part of the population that cannot fend for itself simply starves and dies. Rules of the jungle. Problem solved? You are disgusting.

    • I knew. The libtards are here. Let’s tax everybody and give our freedom to government, then we’re good!

    • You should be declared an outlaw, Hein. So every libtard stronger than you can kill you. Problem solved for both sides. Survival of the fittest (the right-wing interpretation).

  7. Over here in good old Europe, there surely are some who are lazy and benefit from welfare programs. The truth is that they are a very small minority amongst those on welfare. Yes, there are also a few amongst them who are unwilling to move to places where work would be available for them. Thing is that the majority of those who have to rely on welfare would love to have a decent job. Hardly anyone likes to be punished and bullied by the respective authorities for having hardly two pennies to rub together. A dignified life is much easier to achieve with a decent job. Unfortunately, here in Germany for instance, once you lose your job and are 50 or older, chances are close to zero that someone will hire you. What should those people do? Die?

    • No, they should invade someone’s property and steal their stuff. Either by doing themselves, or asking government to do the dirt job.

    • Your suggestion is plain stupid, Mr. Hein Blöd.

    • I know it is. I just described welfare.

    • No, Hein, you’ve just described how plain a character you are. You understand precious little.

    • In Germany they require hardcore qualification for a job. Once you are older learning becomes harder. That’s why no one hires older folk. In america monkey can get a job without any required qualification. That’s why there is no quality work there. Houses, machinery, other stuff. All scrap. Hundred of years behind Europe. And they call it freedom.

    • Bit harsh that, EUro.

    • If so why does Trump want to copy the Germans’ job educational system? It was on the news some weeks ago. Maybe we all should.

  8. American In Vienna July 16, 2017

    I’m from Alexandria… but **** am I glad I live in Europe… wow.

  9. Cats > Bears > Feces > Polarizing political posts

  10. Oakland BART guy July 17, 2017

    I think teenager minorities moving in gangs sacking passengers on the BART might disagree with this ‘toon’ as it is a great way of making a living, and BART security can do nothing to stop them.

  11. Chapter Jackson July 17, 2017

    It’s free swipe yo EBT

  12. “The average monthly EBT payout is $125 per participant.” Source: Wiki
    Well, $125 a month. That’s a hell lot of money. Not. Food prices in the US are not that low. Yes, that amount of money will feed one person for one month with low quality food. But it surely doesn’t make one rich. And no decent person would have such low standards as to voluntarily live on that, if they have a choice.

    • What standards one decides to their life is nobody else’s business or responsibility.
      Just a tip: what feed a person is not money, but food. And unlike money, food grows in trees. If one is concerned with people’s hungry, one must do efforts to produce food, instead of stealing someone else’s salary.
      Being pity or thinking the utopia of how it would be good if everybody worked for a good life helps no one. Before advocating for pointless taxes, think instead how would you help a hungry person today. Or even better: how would you help a hungry person to help themselves.

    • Hein, you are too clever for your own good.
      Now, I’ll try to explain it to you. Producing food costs money. Not everyone has the means to produce their own food. First of all one would need land to grow food on. Land costs, yes, you may have guessed right there, money.
      If you consider taxes as stealing the salary, then well, you are beyond any reason. And you probably seem to forget that many countries “steal” enough money from their citizens to buy very expensive arms and weapons of all sorts. Some even “steal” so much money that they can afford to use that stuff, no matter how expensive it was.
      But whilst we are at stealing money from people’s salary. How about this: Someone builds a house and it costs him say 1,000,000. Then he sells it for say 1,500.000. By doing so he stole half a million according to your logic.
      Education would help a lot of people, but this more and more becomes affordable to the rich only.

    • So, Hein, when a dirtbag like, say, Al Dunlap effectively kills a town and the people are essentially trapped because they can’t sell their worthless houses, they should just starve because the alpha won? People like you are why I am no longer able to tolerate conservatives. Yeah, yeah, I know there are some decent ones but I am too old to waste my time winnowing through the chaff.

  13. Мастерский дебатор July 18, 2017

    Too many so-called “veterans” on welfare. You did your job. You got paid. What do you want, a handout, forever?

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