Awkward Russian Wedding Photos That Are So Terrible They’re Great



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  1. Donald Trump April 12, 2018

    I love Russia. How dare you

  2. Vodka and marriage…

  3. Generic Muslim April 12, 2018

    Marriage and bad wife

  4. They are at least interesting, unlike standard wedding photos.

  5. Hahaha…Trump supporters!

    • Ha ha crooked Hilary took more money from them. Maybe she should get an adidas prison suit.

    • Would seem Trump was and is the crooked one. Not a surprise. Hes making America a shithole again. Lock him up. So sad. Such a traitor.

    • Working on it. Give em a month #maga #mulleraintgoingaway

  6. Do the dead chickens mean good luck or something?

    • I guess they just make a good meal. First play with them then eat them. Russians… who knows.

  7. The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut April 13, 2018

    Some are quite cool – I like the one with the guy being impaled with a baguette. And the one with the guy eating the melon is deliciously dirty.

  8. I like how they seem to make a wedding fun and not about how perfect they look or dress.They are able to take the focus off of romance and honeymoon and it seems a little bit more fun for everyone!

  9. A chicken is a significance of fertility virtue and love

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