Weird and Funny Family Photos



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  1. I find this offensive. Also racist, I know darn well black families take photos too.

    • I find racist and offensive that you didn’t find a black family in this gallery.

    • Random Black Guy April 22, 2014

      What is this ‘camera’ you speak of?

    • Nobody said anything about cameras.

    • Random Black Guy April 23, 2014

      You’re calling me stupid, now? How typical!

    • I find it racist and offensive that you imply that black families steal photos.

    • I find it very disturbing that you are even giving this any thought at all! Racist, REALLY???
      Holy crap, get a flippin life, and stop watching CNN!

    • I find offensive and racist the fact that you consider this offensive and racist!

    • @Orphan
      So basically you’re saying that not making fun of black people is racist.

    • I am offensive and I find this racist.

    • Anonymous May 8, 2014

      I am racist and find you offensive.

  2. Dat hair, dem faces… WOW!

    • wowlookitthat June 2, 2014

      These pictures aren’t racist or offensive: Black people are too smart to put themselves up to ridicule…unlike these white folk. What type of people do you think some of these people grew up to be? Coulda sworn one guy in there was Geoffrey Dahmer, as a kid.

  3. I miss ’80.

  4. I don’t leave comments with the new format now… wait.. oh

  5. ramdom racist April 23, 2014

    Why no black family pic? Stoopid Obama!

  6. Yes!! that camera is offensive.
    and probably raised racist too.

  7. Is that actor Victor Pagan in a hot tub?

  8. SoooooB-) I guess the man in the hot tub is pink

  9. 1LT Obvious April 23, 2014

    Hey its teenwolf… In a green liesure suit… Err?

  10. garebgaerbl April 25, 2014

    i find it racist and offensive if you intentionally aren’t offensive racists

  11. Is that John Wayne Gacy dressed as the Easter Bunny?

  12. another rndm blk dude April 25, 2014

    Lmao…this is funny…

  13. This is so typical america dumb.

  14. orphan annie April 27, 2014

    So glad I come from a long line of dead people!

  15. Anonymous May 4, 2014

    This should make just about anyone feel a lot better about their families.

  16. Oh, the mullets…

  17. Anonymous May 22, 2014

    It´s Burton Mercer from “Blues Brothers” and uncle Fester :’D

  18. The pictures were funny enough…but the following comments on being offended by racists and cameras just had me rollin!

  19. Racists can be unintentional racists but still intentionally offensive.
    In the link photo the boy pretends to strangle mum, but his sister really wants to do it.

  20. Isn’t the one with the pregnant woman…got the guy from the time and eric show? im pretty sure …yes.

  21. mrs. frizzle June 29, 2016

    I used to eat gum out of ashtrays!

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