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What do you think surgeons do all day? Perform life-saving operations? False. They actually spend 80% of their time posing for stock photos.

What do you think surgeons do all day? Perform life-saving operations? False. They actually spend 80% of their time posing for stock photos.


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  1. Kringe-Luc Picard, FJB press secretary March 22, 2023

    Stock photo companies need to be brought under government control so as to have enhanced Diversity Inclusion and Equity outcomes.

    • We need more drags twerking in stock photos.

    • LOL.

      Florida == government control.

    • I have been brainwashed to say age restricting improper books for young children is the same as banning books. I’m unaware every single state and even federal government age restrict materials to minors, like movies, books, comics, video games.
      The real fault lies on people that allows me sit together with the adults, even though I believe there are more than 2 genders and men can get pregnant.

    • GOP: We are against big government! It’s against freedom!
      GOP: *stealselection*
      GOP: *Builds up biggest government control in history and cuts down civil rights*

    • You are the only one by the mystical statement that no one ever seriously made of men getting pregnant. I see there is a trigger in you. A suppressed urge perhaps. You feel like you are in the wrong body but your social environment would never let you explore yourself. So all you have is passive aggression on fun sites.

    • To last anon: I believe you’re not aware of what’s happening in the USA. But the word mother is being replaced in a few states with “birthing person” to address the pregnant men cases (female to male trans). This is part of gender ideology and is being taught to kids all around the country by LGBTQIA+ people, and states like Florida ate age restricting books teaching gender ideology to kids. Regardless if you agree that men get pregnant or not, if you go ahead and join the mob saying GOP is banning books on FL, you’re basically playing for the “men can get pregnant” team. GOP is not banning books, but concerned parents are electing representatives that support aging restrict gender ideology books, because men cannot get pregnant and teaching otherwise to kids is bizarre.

    • fascinating.

      What other scary stories did they tell you on that fake news show?

    • www newsweek com /biden-admin-replaces-mothers-birthing-people-maternal-health-guidance-1598343

    • The pro-choice nonprofit NARAL defended use of the term, tweeting, “When we talk about birthing people, we’re being inclusive. It’s that simple. We use gender neutral language when talking about pregnancy, because it’s not just cis-gender women that can get pregnant and give birth. Reproductive freedom is for *every* body.”

    • Alt-right idiots will never understand reality.

    • The reality men can get pregnant πŸ˜„

    • Women who identify as men can and people who have two sets or a mix of organs can, you are right without understanding why. You just enjoy being cruel to people you you don’t understand because you think you are better than them. But in reality you are just worthless and lack character.

    • Woman who identifies as man can get pregnant because she’s a woman and it’s irrelevant to “identify” as anything.
      Cruelty is to teach confused and vulnerable people they can mutilate themselves to be something they aren’t.
      But I respect you for not being a deceitful liar like some, who defends this ideology but claim they don’t.

    • So, why did you mutilate yourself? You obviously cut your brains out.
      The real cruelty comes from people like you who force their fake values, perverted morals and wicket worldview on others. So spare us your sermon of people “mutilating” themselves. They are free to make their decisions for themselves. It’s not to you, not to the GOP and not to some imaginary figure in the sky and his delusional fanatics.
      And I don’t respect you in return. If I had the power I would cleanse the Earth of people like you.

    • I respect you even more for saying out loud what the fascists self called “antifascists” want to do.
      But no, when you teach young children and emotionally vulnerable people they can mutilate themselves to be something they won’t be, you’re being evil, not kind. Saying NO and guiding to reality vulnerable people is many times a kind gesture. But making fun of people like you, who support children mutilation, is a victimless gesture and I do it as a hobby.

  2. Mods are triggered again. Deleting all comments that triggered them.

    • Maybe your posts were boring.

    • They own the site. It’s not a democracy. Comercial freedom as the GOP demands.

    • Mods get triggered when you prove criminals vote democrats

    • Not as bad as republican voters voting criminals.

    • Shall we bring again the now deleted thread about the 8000 inmates 2020 presidential election poll

    • The real story: Trump was the most popular with both whites and non-whites.

    • Mods will get triggered again and delete this thread πŸ˜„
      No, Trump did not have more votes than democrats with criminals. The poll was done before the primaries. While Republicans had already chose Trump, Democrats still had ~10 candidates in the poll. The majority of the inmates were non white and Trump/Republicans had 19% among them, while the sum of Democrat candidates was around 60%. Not even with white inmates Trump/Republicans had majority.
      Criminals vote Democrats.

    • Why should they vote their oppressors? We all know U.S. prisons are full of innocent citizens for shareholder value. Republican judges get bribed to fill the cells.The United States of America never abolished slavery. Instead they made everyone a slave.

    • Criminals are oppressed. That sums up the the left mentality.

    • You call them criminals. But that doesn’t mean they did anything. Because you are too lazy to look into the failings of the justice system. It’s fake.
      What you do is the same people did when someone was called a witch. There were many proven witches, right? Because witches exist, right? Magic is real, right?

    • First claim criminals support trump. When get debunked, claim criminals aren’t criminals, but oppressed people.
      The family of murdered people must be the oppressors who put them there.

    • FYI, you are wrong in thinking these posts come from the same person.

  3. Nothing Is Free March 27, 2023

    Justin Trudeau is a Traitor. All Liberal voters support a traitorous leader and are themselves Traitors.

    • Some one gets it.

    • Remind me, whih traitor encouraged his voters to storm the Capitol?

    • Was it Antifa, the school shooting Trans Gender folks or Black Lives Matter? I get confused with all the Left wing violent hate groups .

    • The troon got mad he just learned men can’t get pregnant afterall.

  4. She actually could have gotten pregnant. She was identifying as a man. Remember April 1st is Trans vengeance day. Watch out. There will be more violence from these crazy people.

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