Walmartians: The People of Walmart


They look like they are from another planet. From a horrible messed up planet.


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  1. Shouldn’t this gallery be called “Trump Voters”?

  2. At least the kids in #10 and #21 aren’t running around the store plowing into people and knocking things off the shelves.

  3. Unknown Origin April 19, 2017

    Why are you putting photos of my family and friends on here???

  4. Iron Hippo April 19, 2017

    You can buy a cartful of underage girls?!? Paedofile heaven!!

  5. And these people represent a nation that has so many nuclear weapons, it could destroy the entire planet sevenfold.

  6. FakeAmerican April 19, 2017

    World’s leading country

  7. Justin The Smartypants April 19, 2017

    This is what happens when a Country allows their people to live in Trailers

  8. Walmart? Or GOP convention? You be the judge.

  9. Wow. I was always wondering where the Walking Dead got there inspiration from..

  10. their.. it’s early here

  11. Pretty old dude.

  12. Justin The Smartypants April 21, 2017

    Yes Dino poop usually is

  13. Bob Taillon April 22, 2017


  14. Paul Legris April 22, 2017

    I am proud to be an American, because I am satisfied with very little.

  15. Salzigtal May 27, 2017

    Darn, I didn’t notice #12 is Costco the 1st time I looked at this. They are the least weird of the bunch.

  16. What the hell happened to this nation?

  17. These are Democrats. Voted for Hillary.

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