Russia’s New Tourism Slogan



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  1. I am Spartacus November 14, 2014

    And that differs from USA, how?

  2. I agree with Spartacus November 14, 2014

    Same as Spartacus! The US was trying to gain diplomatic control over parts of Ukraine, specifically Crimea which is a very strong strategic land mass! Added to the fact that most Crimeans wanted to rejoin Russia, Putin made the call and took it before the US could invade yet ANOTHER country which has oil and pipelines. I HATE hypocrites and unless the US doesn’t start backing off, they will be responsible for Russia and the Chinese wiping them of the face of this planet and everything else in the process. Grr!!!

  3. Hey guys pls stop all this anti Russia propaganda, you got no plan at all what this is all about, and stop believing all the shit you seen on television

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